Why I don’t desire an IWB (Interactive Whiteboard)

Recently, I lead been asked quite  few times virtually IWBs as well as which ones are best etc. My park response is ‘none’ as well as thence I lead to explain, thence I thought, instead of explaining I would write this shipping thence that I could signal people towards each fourth dimension they ask.

So this is my classroom gear upwards of preference as well as these are the cardinal components.

1. Data projector – I’m non actually bothered which 1 equally long equally it produces a adept concealment resolution (There’s a reasonable article hither on how to lead one:
How to Buy a Projector)

2. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Laptop – My preference hither is for a MacBook, but I tin sympathise why some people honor that extravagant as well as don’t experience they are worth the extra fiscal outlay. Personally, I yell upwards they are worth the extra money, because they piece of work faster as well as thence salvage fourth dimension (the most valuable commodity nosotros have) as well as because they are pretty durable(The Apple products I’ve owned lead lasted at to the lowest degree twice equally long equally their PC counterparts I’ve had as well as are nevertheless going strong.)

3. iPad – Again my preference hither is for the iPad mini, because it is thence lite to concur inwards 1 paw as well as transcend around, but nevertheless big plenty as well as powerful plenty to fulfil my storage needs as well as to operate without squinting (also quite a chip cheaper)

4. Reflector app – This is a cardinal app that you lot download onto your laptop. It thence enables you lot to projection your iPad concealment onto your reckoner (and thence through the information projector) equally it wirelessly receives signals from the iPad’s Airplay function.

For those who aren’t familiar alongside Airplay, it’s an Apple business office that allows you lot to work the wireless to projection audio as well as vision from an iPhone, iPad, iTouch etc of to Apple TV. You tin honor to a greater extent than information here: Airplay

Why I similar the Airplay enabled gear upwards

  • For me this allows the best of both worlds. I tin work the laptop for whatever software that’s native to reckoner footing as well as really rapidly as well as wirelessly switch to the mobile surroundings of the iPad.
  • This gear upwards is portable thence you lot tin work it inwards whatever room alongside a information projector as well as computer, equally long equally the Reflector app is installed.
  • This also has the payoff of allowing your students access to the information projector if they also lead iPads, inwards fact the Airplay business office combined alongside Reflector tin allow your students to projection onto the concealment from a issue of iPads simultaneously, which is swell to acquire students showing as well as comparison piece of work for the whole degree to see.
  • Controlling the projection concealment from the iPad way that you lot tin motion unopen to the degree as well as command it from wherever you lot are.
  • To paw command over to students you lot simply transcend them the iPad
  • You tin shop all your materials on your iPad as well as work it to make all your grooming / marker etc at home.
  • You don’t lead to fiddle alongside supercede or assay to honor those awful IWB pens.
  • The iPad gives you lot access to the vast arrive at as well as diverseness of apps that you lot simply can’t run on a reckoner or IWB environment. 
  • An iPad as well as a $12.99 app are hugely cheaper than the terms of an IWB as well as far to a greater extent than flexible.
  • You tin also work the Reflector app to tape concealment activeness thence you lot tin easily plow parts of your lessons into flipped learning or useful revision.
  • The iPad as well as laptop gear upwards provides an authentic digital learning surroundings thence digital literacies tin live developed, whereas IWB software is an artificial digital surroundings which students volition exclusively reckon inside schools.

There are of course of written report some downsides to this arrangement. 

  • Hand writing on the iPad concealment isn’t thence comfortable fifty-fifty alongside a stylus as well as a adept whiteboard app (though if you lot desire to assay it I would recommend Bamboo Paper).
  • The Reflector app isn’t free, but it is really inexpensive ($12.99) thence much cheaper than an IWB.
  • This gear upwards exclusively plant alongside Apple mobile products equally the controller (Though you lot tin work whatever laptop to install the app on), thence if your students lead along Android or other devices they won’t live able to access your projector (but they wouldn’t on an IWB either).
  • The Reflector app runs through the wireless to connect the laptop to the iPad, thence you lot may demand to lead some specific ports opened upwards if your information technology director has them closed.

If you lot don’t lead the pick as well as you lot already lead an IWB, thence that’s fine, you lot could nevertheless install the Reflector app as well as outset using an iPad too, but given the pick it’s pretty clear. So, right away hopefully I’ll live getting asked this query a lot less often.

Do shipping comments as well as allow me know what you lot think. I’d also appreciate hearing virtually whatever option apps you lot may lead used to connect your iPad as well as peculiarly your Android tablet to the projector

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