Why create as well as then many Moodle courses suck?

Moodle is a magnificent costless production as well as has the potential to enable schools as well as teachers to build wonderfully unique interactive online learning courses inwards which learner interaction tin hold upwardly tracked, measured as well as responded to. Despite this the vast bulk of Moodle courses I consider are a long listing of Word as well as PDF documents alongside at best a few forums that enable a minimum of human social interaction.

Given the solid soil of many of these courses, it’s no wonder that drib out rates for online learning are thus high. And of course of written report Moodle isn’t the solely culprit. Many of the other commercially available LMS (learning management systems) as well as VLE (virtual learning environment) platforms aren’t doing whatever better.

Moodle has been roughly instantly since 2002 as well as enquiry carried out inwards 2013 showed that to a greater extent than than 7.3 meg students had studied inwards to a greater extent than than 83 G registered sites.

Image from ELTPics: https://flic.kr/p/jBXAwK

So why is it that thus petty progress has been made inwards developing innovative courses that actually generate interaction alongside media rich content?

The occupation sure enough isn’t Moodle, because the platform is capable of delivering all of the above.

The reality is that in that place are a let out of causes:

  • I cry upwardly it’s fair to nation that Moodle isn’t the most intuitive of platforms to operate with. H5N1 lot of progress as well as improvements own got been made, but it’s inevitable that a production alongside multiple modules constructed yesteryear unlike people is probable to resultant inwards some inconsistencies of await as well as feel.
  • The fact that Moodle is seen every bit a ‘free’ platform as well as thus a ‘cheap’ way to acquire learning online is some other factor. Schools showtime using the platform alongside the impression that it won’t require much fiscal backing as well as that in ane trial they own got provided the platform teachers volition but hold upwardly able to acquire their classes online.
  • This brings me to the side yesteryear side indicate as well as that is lack of training. Most teachers I own got met who usage Moodle practice thus alongside solely the most minimal as well as basic grooming as well as in ane trial again this comes dorsum to the perception that Moodle is a inexpensive solution. Many schoolhouse managers seem to cry upwardly that a few hours of grooming is plenty to acquire their teachers designing smashing online courses. It’s not! Training to usage Moodle effectively takes considerable fourth dimension as well as needs to hold upwardly constantly reinforced as well as renewed.
  • A 2nd chemical factor of grooming which is frequently overlooked is instructional design. H5N1 instructor may good hold upwardly marvellous at developing as well as delivering their ain materials inwards the classroom, but when it comes to converting those materials into effective online learning units in that place is a novel degree of science as well as agreement that they need. Understanding the instructional blueprint potential of an online platform as well as how to construction materials thus that students progress through an online surround requires grooming as well as experience.
  • Another factor inwards this mix is that the Moodle platform is frequently seen every bit the ‘property’ as well as responsibleness of the information technology region as well as every bit such they brand the platform every bit secure every bit possible. Often this way that teachers’ access to many of the unlike features as well as potential that Moodle tin deliver are hidden from the instructor as well as they don’t own got the chance to experiment alongside the platform as well as acquire for themselves.

So given all of these problems is it worth using Moodle or whatever other platform to develop online as well as blended learning for your students? 

The respond is of course of written report a resounding yes. To ignore the potential that online learning as well as novel technology scientific discipline has to offering is to hold upwardly similar King Canute trying to social club dorsum the sea.

But to usage technology scientific discipline effectively teaching establishments own got to approach online learning alongside their eyes open.

  • It isn’t a inexpensive solution.
  • It volition require a meaning investment inwards grooming for teachers
  • Teachers won’t but build wonderful online courses inwards their costless time. Developing skillful online materials takes time. More fourth dimension than it takes to develop paper-based confront to confront materials, thus they volition involve to hold upwardly paid for this time.
  • Teachers involve to hold upwardly trained at all levels of the platform including the admin level, non but at instructor level.
How most cook made courses?
Knowing all of this schools may hold upwardly tempted to yesteryear an ‘off the shelf’ solution alongside all the content cook made, but I would hold upwardly wary of this type of ‘one size fits all’ content. In many cases the content has but been adapted from a course of written report mass alongside a copious amounts of drag as well as drib as well as gap-filling activity mixed alongside a petty multimedia as well as real petty pupil – instructor or peer to peer interaction built inwards as well as no sign of whatever authentic materials or personalisation. These courses are frequently tedious beyond belief as well as neglect to engage the students.

The best online courses, but similar the best face-to-face courses, are commonly designed yesteryear teachers who own got developed an agreement of the needs as well as interests of their students as well as tin conduct content which they volition savour as well as detect engaging.

So, if platforms similar Moodle are actually to hold upwardly used to develop effective as well as engaging learning which realises the potential of online as well as blended learning modes of delivery, as well as thus nosotros must own got managers who are willing to invest inwards developing the skills of their teachers as well as teachers who are willing to run across the challenges of novel technology scientific discipline caput on  as well as conduct their changing as well as to a greater extent than various roles every bit teachers, mentors as well as instructional designers.

For teachers who would similar to endeavor to develop their ain Moodle skills.
You tin register for a costless Moodle platform at: http://www.mdl2.com/ It takes a few moments to register as well as and thus y’all own got your ain Moodle platform to usage every bit a sandpit.

Here are a few quick video tutorials that tin aid acquire y’all started.

I promise y’all detect these videos useful as well as savour making a showtime at using Moodle to practice to a greater extent than engaging materials.


Nik Peachey