Where does costless volition cease together with coercion begin?

Photos in addition to flush via MiseeHarris (here).

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 man child commits suicide in addition to his online girl encouraged it.  Now she’s on lawsuit for manslaughter.

This is exclusively on my radar because of its morality play.  Personally I uncovering the charges ridiculous.  Its a elbow grease celeb’ on the cyberspace because it allows people (in my opinion) to deed every bit if they’re somehow superior in addition to experience hurting that they actually don’t for this persons passing.

But it does beg the question.  Where does gratis volition halt in addition to coercion begin?  If nosotros genuinely are the “captain’s of our ship” in addition to thence the thought of others should hold upward irrelevant.

But that’s the work isn’t it?  Most are swayed past times the wishing to hold upward seen every bit “better” or “on the correct side of history” past times others instead of next their ain moral compass.

Yeah.  This is bullshit in addition to the District Attorney is seeking headlines instead of justice.  Time to whip out the cartoon panel again.  Drink it boys in addition to girls.  The thought of others IS irrelevant.

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The existent criminal offence hither is that this beau wasn’t taught independence inwards idea in addition to deed at an early on age.  Luckily lifetime learning is a reality. Hopefully many of the people that are caught upward inwards groupthink volition larn the bravery that comes from exactly THINKING in addition to non relying on others to create it for them.  
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