USNI Blog is continuing the agenda…and this woman somebody Gunny simply pointed out the danger of females inwards the infantry (in a backwards way)…

You know how I experience nearly USNI Blog.

Can’t stand upward them.  If they got curb stomped I’d cheer.  Probably throw a party.  More to the betoken I’m having problem agreement why therefore many aren’t speaking out.  EVEN MORE CONFUSING is the fact that therefore many manful someone writers haven’t protested or called them out on this bullshit.

Let me field again.  They asked for woman someone writers therefore when produce Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, Muslim, Neo-Nazi, Atheist, Satanist, Catholic, Baptist…whatever larn the cattle telephone weep upward from USNI Blog to write?

It would solely live fair.  But I gauge the days of “we’re all Marines, possibly unlike shades…maybe unlike genders” is over.

What has me punching walls tonight?  Check this out….

When I checked into my get-go duty station, the bulk of the woman someone Marines were merely equally junior equally I was (and struggling to survive), amongst a few woman someone Sergeants who were ‘queen bees’. They would belittle yous inward a heartbeat inward forepart of God, Corps, Country, too Chesty Puller too non intend twice nearly it. If yous told them something personal, they would run off too gossip to the entire shop. What yous idea was a mentoring session was genuinely solicitation for personal data they could purpose to humiliate yous inward forepart of others. It was horrible.
The good, the bad, too the ugly were rolled upward into i scoop too served on the chow line…cold! To hand it off, in that place weren’t whatever women (like my Drill Instructors) that I could become to for advice. It wasn’t until my adjacent duty station, inward Okinawa, Japan, that I finally received roughly mentorship. It happened to live from a woman someone Staff Non Commissioned Officer (SNCO). Female SNCOs at that fourth dimension were rare; the in conclusion fourth dimension I had seen i was inward kicking camp. I was intimidated, but she turned out to live my real get-go mentor inward the operating forces.
When I arrived, she made it a betoken to beak to me. I wasn’t certain if I was going to live “blasted” for something that I didn’t fifty-fifty know I had done. Instead, she asked me questions like: Are yous settled into the barracks? Have in that place been whatever creepy manful someone Marines that accept tried to befriend you? Have yous contacted your menage unit of measurement to allow them know that yous arrived inward Japan? I was inward shock. She was problem solid too professional, nonetheless she had a nurturing side. She reminded me of my Senior Drill Instructor.

Are yous reading that shit?  ARE YOU READING THAT SHIT!

She didn’t have mentoring until she had her get-go woman someone SNCO?  Really?  So if she received mentoring from a manful someone SNCO that didn’t count.  It had to live from a female?  She had to have advice from women?  Her manful someone leadership was inadequate due to gender?


How tin a manful someone succeed leading woman someone Marines amongst this type of attitude?

You produce run into where this is going right?  Females inward fighting arms too therefore its non going to live enough.  You’re going to accept to accept females inward LEADERSHIP positions therefore that the woman someone Marines experience comfortable.  Considering statements made past times the electrical flow SecDef nosotros tin run into how this is all going to operate out.

I experience lamentable for bastards that are nearly to larn hitting betwixt the eyes amongst this.  You should accept spoken upward earlier.

Old Corps, New Corps in that place isn’t a scrap of difference?  Sorry Chesty yous were wrong.  This novel Corps is going to fill upward trunk bags too lose battles merely for the sake of social engineering.

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NOTE:  I don’t ordinarily produce this but I’ve got to telephone weep upward out 2 contributors over there.  Not much is expected from that crowd but I am a fan of UltimateRatioReg too Cmdr Salamander.  They’re ordinarily outspoken but accept been beyond still on this debate.  Not good.