Using Phraseum to larn lexical chunks

I of late revisited first review.
In this article I’d similar to exhibit yous some of the novel features in addition to also part some ideas for how yous tin displace operate it. Let me start though past times recapping what Phraseum does.
Phraseum is a tool that students tin displace operate to capture lexical chunks, collocations in addition to expressions piece they read online text. It helps students to collect these expressions into theme based phrasebooks that they tin displace thus operate to revise in addition to part their learning. 
Within the platform in that location are also a lay out of features to assistance them acquire the phrases, these include tagging of phrases in addition to links through to Google translate. Phraseum also records the source of the phrase thus that students tin displace become dorsum in addition to honor the phrases inwards their context. 

H5N1 novel characteristic that’s been added since the concluding review is the ‘Learn’ feature. This is groovy every bit it  helps them acquire in addition to memorise the phrases using a procedure of spaced repetition. To operate this students only select a phrasebook in addition to thus click on the ‘Learn this phrasebook’ button.  
They tin displace thus select fundamental words to withdraw from the phrases. After these convey been clicked, they volition convey to select them inwards the right lodge to lay them dorsum into the sentence. 

They piece of job through the phrases doing this a yoke of times in addition to each fourth dimension things acquire harder in addition to to a greater extent than words are removed. Eventually the prompt words are removed in addition to they convey to type inwards the missing words. 
Once the students type inwards the words they volition last able to compare amongst the original.
Phraseum tin displace also create revision tests thus that the students re-study a pick of the phrases inwards their collection. When students convey learned novel phrases, each session begins amongst a test. This exam is designed to position precisely what they tin displace remember. In each exam they are required to type inwards phrases amongst minimal prompts. Their success inwards the exam determines whether a phrase is learned or marked every bit weak in addition to repeated again.

As a instructor yous tin displace also create your ain phrasebooks only past times typing inwards the phrases yous desire stusdents to acquire in addition to thus sharing the phrasebook amongst them.

Getting started amongst phraseum. 
Once yous convey registered on the site, i of the outset things to produce is to add together the ‘Clipping button’ to your browser. You tin displace honor it at: and only drag the push onto the bookmarks bar of your browser. 
Once yous convey done this all yous involve to produce is highlight some text piece yous are reading in addition to thus click the push in addition to it volition opened upward the clipping window which helps yous to relieve the text chunk into the right phrasebook in addition to add together tags in addition to musical note to it. 
It’s also wise to create upward one’s heed how yous desire to organise the phrase yous collect in addition to create some empty phrasebooks too, thus these volition seem every bit options when yous clip phrases from a text. Once yous convey done that yous (or your students) are create to start clipping every bit yous read.
Activities for students
Here are some activities yous tin displace produce amongst your students to acquire them started amongst Phraseum.
  • Choose a spider web based text that yous would similar your students to read. Collect phrases from the text into a phrasebook. Share the phrasebook amongst your students in addition to acquire them to banking concern friction match their agreement of the phrases. Ask the students to assay to acquire the phrases using the Phraseum ‘Learn’ feature. Once they’ve made an initial assay to acquire the phrases, acquire them to read the text.
  • Give the students a spider web based text to read. Once yous convey completed comprehension in addition to reading evolution activities enquire the students to await for sentences inwards the text that convey vocabulary, collocations or lexical chunks that are novel to them in addition to relieve the sentences into a phrasebook. Then acquire students to operate the acquire characteristic in addition to conduct the specific words from the phrases inside the judgement that they involve to learn. Students tin displace thus do them regularly.
  • When using a text that has a lot of dialogue such every bit a play, yous tin displace acquire the students to conduct i of the people inwards the text in addition to catch all the sentences they tell into a phrasebook amongst that person’s name. They tin displace thus operate the ‘Learn’ characteristic to assay to memorise the lines of the text. You tin displace thus acquire the students human action out or recite the text.
  • Collect some dissimilar lines from a make of brusk poems into a phrasebook. Share the phrasebook amongst your students in addition to acquire them to assay to create upward one’s heed which poesy form each line of piece of job came from (You’ll involve to make them the titles of the poems, or operate poems they convey already read.) 
  • Get students to collect wise quotes or sayings ( these could last based to a greater extent than or less a specific theme or only whatever that the students are interested in) i time they convey v to 10 quotes acquire the students to operate the ‘Learn’ characteristic of the site to assay to acquire in addition to memorise the quotes.
  • Create or acquire students to create a phrasebook containing each of the lines from a brusk poem. They tin displace thus operate the ‘Learn’ characteristic of Phraseum to assay to memorise the consummate poem. 
 If you’d similar to a greater extent than ideas for how to operate Creating social phrasebooks amongst Phraseum
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