This is why I abhor USNI Blog. Stop dividing/sectioning your writers….

via USNI Blog…

Beginning on Women’s Equality Day (26 August), the Naval Institute Blog volition hold upward running a “Women inwards Writing Week,” highlighting the writing of woman somebody commissioned officers too enlisted personnel inwards the body of body of water services.
Women contain to a greater extent than than one-half of the USA population too 18% of naval officers betwixt O-1 too O-4, nevertheless they brand upward fewer than 1% of writers at the Naval Institute Blog.
We invite ALL females–active, reserve, retired, civilian–to write for the Naval Institute Blog on whatever topic of their choice. We besides invite all writers of whatever gender to write close their favorite woman somebody writers inwards the military, too those purpose models who conduct keep paved the agency for others to follow.

Interesting…but expect it gets better.  Check out this cleansing disputation that follows the preaching above….

 Blogging is non a gender-specific sport. We invite all men too all women to participate, to percentage inwards their equal phonation too contribute to our corking naval debate.


When a somebody has something to tell yous don’t necessitate to issue a call.  When a somebody wants to set themselves out at that topographic point on a professional person bailiwick they don’t necessitate to usage USNI equally a conduit.
This is the mindset inwards that house.  What next?  You desire black, white, hispanic, asian writers?  How close Russian, Brazilian, Catholic, Protestant or Buddhist writers?  When produce they assume that all their writers are hetrosexual too hence issue a telephone band for bi, gay, or transgender writers?  What close Satanist?  Can’t discriminate hence what produce the Neo-Nazi members conduct keep to say?  What close the Eugenics crowd?  What is the cutoff inwards the partitioning of state of war machine writers for USNI?
When yous kickoff focusing on writers sex/sexual preference/race/religion etc…. instead of the issues facing the Naval Services hence you’re no longer credible….. if yous telephone band yourself a professional person state of war machine flora that is!
USNI has taken their eyes off the ball too they’re crashing into the dorsum of the ship.
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