The U.S.A. Army says it needs to upgun Strykers inward Europe. Why?

If you’ve been next American Mercenary inward his latest posting inward Europe as well as therefore you’ve seen an American Army Officer that seems to move (and this is my opinion, I could move incorrect as well as volition gladly bring his correction) impressed amongst our allies might to comport deliberate attacks, seems impressed amongst the firepower that their vehicles possess got as well as is a flake concerned nearly the lack of punch industrial plant life inward our Stryker Brigades.

Fair enough.

But equally he said inward a transportation service on mobility today….

I’m serving inward my minute Stryker unit. The outset fourth dimension I did the Republic of Iraq thing. This fourth dimension I’m doing the “cross prepare amongst all our NATO allies across Europe” thing. The sense inward Europe has actually opened my eyes to why the sec Cavalry Regiment actually does demand 81 Strykers amongst 30mm cannon upgrades.

Ok.  He wants 30mm cannon upgrades.  Like I said…cool.  But as well as therefore he says this…

So yeah, Strykers are neat to larn dismounted Infantrymen across neat distances as well as into the fight, but it’s non a preferred platform to larn ane on ane amongst COMBLOC tanks as well as fighting vehicles.

Ordinarily I don’t similar parsing someone’s words.  It fails to reach the amount season of the tilt or the request existence made but this fourth dimension is different (by the means you lot tin read his whole tilt here).  His tilt mirrors what the the U.S.A. Army has been saying.

This all leaves me amongst the ane inquiry that was never asked yesteryear defence journalist when this intelligence came out.  Why?  Why does the the U.S.A. Army intend that it needs to upgun its Strykers inward Europe?  Are they going to employ them differently?  Has doctrine changed to draw organisation human relationship for them moving to a larger caliber primary gun?  Will TTPs alter because Styker Brigades volition move IFVs instead of APCs?

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The why is of import as well as no ane has asked that of the the U.S.A. Army amongst regard to the upgunning to a 30mm cannon.  If this is simply a illustration of the the U.S.A. Army looking at Polish Wolverine’s as well as existence envious as well as therefore that’s non skillful enough.