The terrorist cause got downwardly inwards French Republic & the USMC’s reputation…

I got tons of notes yesterday almost the early on (and wrong) reports of U.S. Marines taking downward terrorists on a develop inward France.

It only didn’t audio right to me.

My thinking mightiness survive flawed but the commencement affair that popped into my hear was that’s the Army together with Air Forces territory…what would a duo of Marines survive doing inward France?

Ya come across I was thinking almost a weekend liberty.  Yeah at that spot are to a greater extent than than a duo of Joint Force billets inward Federal Republic of Federal Republic of Germany together with the UK of Britain together with Northern Republic of Ireland but still…it didn’t experience right….and I was correct.

But the bigger number to me is 1 that galls the other services together with fifty-fifty Special Operations.

When people intend almost valor, courage together with “doing what others won’t” the commencement people they intend of are Marines.

Watching the coverage of the upshot y’all could hear the intense pride together with almost giddiness of the reporters every fourth dimension they said the words “our Marines” took downward a terrorist.  When it presently became apparent that the heroes were an Airman together with an Army National Guardsman the pride remained but y’all could feel a lilliputian flake of air coming out of the balloon.


The reputation of the Corps has been paid for inward blood.  The American people EXPECT hardened warriors that volition defend the nation.  That is something that nosotros cannot squander.

The USMC’s reputation is stellar.  That’s why I bitch together with blog.  We can’t permit anyone…even misguided leadership (whether inward the Pentagon or White House or Congress) to ruin it.

Sidenote:  I don’t know who is pushing out these guys names inward the tidings media but where are the Force Protection folks?  Pushing this upward together with posting names to the news, together with having the President telephone holler upward them only makes them together with their families targets!  I’m only a blogger alongside an mental attitude together with I tin move come across this thus why can’t the intel people?  Don’t survive shocked if around exclusively wolf decides to larn afterward these guys families.  If they went afterward an arts festival together with a tidings operate together with thus they sure enough larn afterward people that thwarted an ready on together with became famous for it.

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