The Saudi M1A2 Abrams getting hitting past times unknown anti-tank missile controversy…

Many cheers to John for the links as well as bringing this to my attention….

I watched this vid alongside my paw on the mute button.  I constitute the conversation interesting until they started praising their God.  Quite honestly it annoys the hell outta me.  But dorsum on task.  Check this Reddit page out (safe for work…I’m a chip leery of Reddit equally good but they choose simply about sections that are quite good).  Additionally depository fiscal establishment lucifer out this Russian website.

What’s the drama?  The sentiment that the missile used could hold upward an Iranian re-create of the 1st Gen TOW, that it could hold upward a Kornet as well as simply about are fifty-fifty speculating that it could hold upward the former FAGOT anti-tank missile!

Quite honestly I don’t know.

What does delineate organisation is that we’re withal seeing pitiable tactics past times Saudi forces, we’re seeing export armor underperform (that’s a big upshot inwards the discussion, no i knows what the armor protection of a “non” depleted uranium Abrams provides) as well as and thence people are wondering if 1st gen anti-tank missiles similar the TOW or FAGOT could genuinely penetrate a modern tank.

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What produce y’all think?