The F-35 Program Manager gives a pep talk..

via DVIDS…

“From 2011, when nosotros rebased the computer programme to now, nosotros are making to a greater extent than or less pretty deadening simply to a greater extent than or less expert progress,” Bogdan said. “We are at a betoken at in 1 lawsuit inwards the computer programme where because of that progress, nosotros are no longer deadening together with steady. We are by the deadening together with steady progress; nosotros are at in 1 lawsuit growing together with accelerating quickly on this program.”

Well this business office is typical bullshit, simply cheque out this part…

“We volition create everything nosotros tin to plow over the Air Force everything they need,” Bogdan said. “If nosotros autumn through, the responsibleness falls on me. But I postulate you lot to besides create your business office equally well. This computer programme runs on 2 things; coin together with trust. If people can’t trust what JPO or myself are doing, the computer programme volition crumble. So the primal is integrity.

Did he genuinely country that?  Did he country that the primal is integrity?  Really?  Seriously?  Just plainly wow.  But expect it gets better.  In walks a someone named Rose.  What she does amongst the computer programme isn’t detailed, together with neither is her championship simply she reverts to the commons bullshit (I’m guessing a Lockheed Martin drone assigned to wearing clothing upwards this ugly pig)…

“People dearest to criticize the F-35,” Rose said. “The reality is commonly far different, equally someone who has been involved inwards the F-35 computer programme since 2009, the flat is genuinely quite impressive, the capability that it brings is awe inspiring, nosotros postulate to move patient, nosotros postulate to run difficult together with nosotros postulate to run difficult to larn far into the flat nosotros postulate it to be.”

People criticize the flat because its torso slamming the defence strength budget.  Not a quick expiry simply a long, torture filled, bloody, gore fest that has basically damaged the Marine Corps together with volition create the same to everyone else thinking nearly buying the airplane.

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