Suspects arrested inwards instance of off duty Police Officer flora dead inwards his home.

Thanks to Tony for bringing this to my attention.


Police guide keep arrested too charged Phillip Walter, 29, too Violetta Walter, 30, for the murder of Officer Don Allen.
The 2 suspects where linked to stolen belongings taken from Allen’s home. Chief Standridge said it volition travel upwards to the Texas Rangers too the District Attorney every bit to whether they pursue upper-case missive of the alphabet murder charges.
Shortly later 6pm, the Texas Rangers too Officers of the APD arrested the couplet at a southward side aeroplane complex inwards the M block of South Clack inwards Abilene nether arrest warrants obtained past times the Texas Rangers. They both are beingness charged amongst 1st storey felony murder which carries confinement from 5-99 years, or life. Their bond has been ready at $500,000 each.
Chief Standridge said the division is confident they guide keep taken the right people into custody too create non believe in that place are other suspects.

The race baiters are going to travel really disappointed amongst the number of this story.  When Tony get-go brought this to my attending a few days ago, I checked it out too did a lilliputian earthworks into the greyness too night internet.  Many fingers were pointing at BlackLivesMatter, Mexican Drug Cartels or a combination of the 2 (considering the warfare within prisons that idea is crazy).

Putting all that aside.

I’m actually curious every bit to what this was all about.  We may never larn the whole story on this one.  But fifty-fifty a burglary gone bad wouldn’t brand me mean value that someone would necktie upwards a homeowner, scrawl anti-police statements on the wall too and therefore brand off amongst gear.

Yeah its happened, simply 1 time you lot expose the someone is a police line officer?  A accuse of 1st storey murder instead of upper-case missive of the alphabet murder?

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