Sunday Reading | Weekend Almanac

Weekend Almanac is a late launched perfect-bound almanac nearly all the fun, creative things people create on their days off. Curated past times editor Lauren Ladoceour together with creative managing director Ali Zeigler both of the San Francisco Bay area, Lauren told us the premise behind the magazine,

“We similar to mean value that life happens on the weekend, together with nosotros tried to pack it all inwards (dinner parties, route trips downwards California’s coast, hangover cures, DIY projects) within our pages.”

The ad-free almanac is based inwards San Francisco together with is available to purchase at their online store, besides equally a growing listing of shops across the U.S.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 trivial chip nearly them: Ali Zeigler is a creative managing director from the majority together with journal globe (Weldon Owen, Yoga Journal, Guitar Player), together with Lauren Ladoceour is a author together with editor (7×7, San Francisco magazine, Yoga Journal, The Hunt San Francisco).

How to instruct it.

And here’s a sneak peek:

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