Sunday Reading | All Citizens

All Citizens – Book Preview from Serena Marie on Vimeo.

Do whatsoever of yous retrieve when I posted close All Citizens? It was circa 2008 in addition to I was attracted past times their fiddling zine on Etsy, which pulled me into a tiny rural town shop. I loved their header icon (click hither to see my master copy post) in addition to afterwards investigating further, institute they had a site, in addition to a existent store (All Citizens) inwards a existent town (Bruno, Saskatchewan).  To rate yous a flake of history, if yous expect at the icon farther yous volition sympathise their name, which compliments the edifice they are adjacent to, a Senior Citizen’s center. The store was owned past times Serena McCarroll in addition to Tyler Brett, fine fine art artists formerly from Vancouver in addition to ECIAD grads who decided to conduct keep payoff of the opened upward spaces that Saskatchewan had to offering in addition to the affordable existent estate.  While All Citizens (the brick in addition to mortar)  is no to a greater extent than simply of late a mass was published close it past times Conundrum Press. The mass tin hold out purchased from stores across the province & online too every bit straight from Conundrum.

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