Summer Tunes Guest Post | Nada + Friends With Both Arms + Mix

Hello! My refer is Nada together with I gauge I would depict myself equally an fine art + music evangelist which pretty much agency I dear sharing cool materials I honor together with I back upwards artists of all kinds. I survive for Etsy Canada where I’m consistently blown away past times the artists I larn to survive with, together with I too run a music weblog called Friends With Both Arms that has but turned 4 this week. (That is pretty former inwards weblog years) I met January spell I was inwards Vancouver lately together with she invited me to seat together a mix for you, (no pressure, whatsoever). I convey been making mixes for equally long equally I tin remember, I think it’s got to create amongst hoping that the mortal on the other destination volition larn the same feeling yous create spell listening to the same song. Mixes are too similar diaries because they’re an tardily way for me to scream back what I was doing together with what I was into at whatsoever quest inwards time, otherwise I convey a terrible memory. I’m a huge fan of together with thus I tin solely assume that readers are the coolest folks on the planet; together with thus I humbly introduce to you: a summertime mix of sorts. Enjoy!

Oh, together with if yous similar more, yous tin subscribe to my monthly mixtape club. One electronic mail a month!

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