Slovakia is buying Polish AMV’s for 1.1 mil each?

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via Strategy Page.

In mid-2015 Slovakia ordered xxx Rosomak Wheeled Armored Vehicles from a Polish firm. These vehicles volition cost nearly $1.1 meg each too are the get-go export sale. Rosomak is a Polish blueprint that began equally a licensed variant of Finnish AMV (Armored Modular Vehicle). Rosomak is non only a license built AMV but a Polish variant that is, dissimilar the AMV, amphibious too air transportable past times C-130 transports. Moreover Rosomak has extensive too successful combat alongside Polish troops inwards Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan too peacekeepers inwards Republic of Chad too Central African Republic.
Rosomak is available equally 8×8 or 6×6 wheeled vehicles weighing 16-26 tons, depending on configuration (like armor, weapons, or engine). In particular, the vehicle is built to convey several degrees of armor enhancements.
Poland is the largest unusual client for the AMV, too Rosomaks are assembled inwards Poland using a lot of Polish components along alongside a lot of Polish modifications. The basic infantry version has a 30mm Bushmaster II autocannon inwards a turret, along alongside a 7.62mm machine-gun. This version has a crew of 3 too carries 8-12 passengers. The Rosomaks inwards Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan were generally on the heavy side because of increased piece of job of armor. There were several models inwards Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan (infantry carriers, ambulance, command, too surveillance). There was fifty-fifty a surveillance model equipped alongside an Israeli surveillance package. This included a radar, thermal sensor, displace sensor, too a pocket-size UAV. One of these vehicles tin sack displace to unopen to high the world too divulge action over a broad expanse (out to 10 kilometers, black or day, too inwards whatsoever weather).


So tiny Slovakia is getting a improve toll on armored fighting vehicles than the USMC tin sack get?  Is Poland giving them a hometown discount or are they genuinely selling 1st tier IFVs at discount prices?

At this toll signal yous could skip buying THREE F-35’s too satisfy the Marine Corps ACV requirement inwards 1 financial year!

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