Saturday’s side issue. How adept is the AMX-56 LeClerc MBT?

I gauge this proves that you lot tin never predict what volition live on of import to your audience.

I idea sure that the drivers of the conversation today would live on either (A) the daughter existence charged alongside manslaughter for encouraging her “online” beau to commit suicide or (B) whether or non Saudi Arabia/GCC would live on successful inwards their surge functioning inwards Yemen.

I was wrong.  The burning scrap seems to live on circling closed to how “good” is the AMX-56 LeClerc MBT.

Personally I’m non “enthused” well-nigh the tank.  Its upgrades inwards my see haven’t been every bit robust every bit we’ve seen alongside the M1 Abrams/Leopard two in addition to I convey serious doubts well-nigh its armor.

My thinking was that we’d precisely sit down dorsum in addition to spotter how it performed i time it was pushed into the vanguard inwards Republic of Yemen in addition to so compare it to the Abrams.  Still believe that’s the best agency to go, but the answer was rather intense so I’m popping this give-and-take out so that the “surge” thread tin larn dorsum to the final result outlined.

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So you lot say me (and render something to dorsum upward your claims)….how skilful is the AMX-56 LeClerc?