Revising Short Texts together with Syntax on IWB

Extending a Sentence. You could propose a discussion to add together to the judgement in addition to hence students tin determine how in addition to where they become far stand upwardly for in addition to what other words they remove to add together alongside it.

  • Focus on course of report – You could piece of job it to focus on course of report yesteryear creating an practise using examples of sentences alongside a specific construction that y’all desire to revise. Get the students to adjust the words of the sentences hence highlight similarities inwards structure.
  • Parts of speech – You tin larn students to coloring code the parts of speech communication inwards the judgement of coloring highlight collocations, etc.
  • What I similar most it

    • Word magnets is free, slow to use.
    • You tin piece of job it to create materials in addition to exercises almost forthwith without whatsoever preparation.
    • Once the Flash swf file is opened upwardly it plant speedily inwards your browser in addition to hence doesn’t require a fast connector or whatsoever software downloads.
    • It tin force students to actually shout out back most syntax in addition to collocation without having to focus likewise much on applying sets of rules.
    • It makes text much easier to manipulate on an IWB (if y’all receive got e’er tried to create an practise similar this on an IWB, you’ll know that it takes a long time).
    • You tin larn students upwardly to the board in addition to moving the words around in addition to changing the colours themselves.

    What I’m non hence certain about

    • It’s a shame y’all cant relieve activities, simply at to the lowest degree this agency that y’all aren’t violating copyright yesteryear cutting in addition to pasting text equally all activities are transitory.
    • It would live on useful to receive got a solution push that y’all could click in addition to run across the words inwards the correct order. Again though this could also live on a do goodness because it encourages students to proceed trying rather than arrive at upwardly in addition to larn the answer.

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