Projecteo Giveaway!

The folks from Projecteo, the tiny projector that lets yous lead your favorite Instagrams to life are offering upwards a fun giveaway hither on this week!  They’re offering i Projecteo (instagram projector) too a cycle equally the summit prize, along alongside 10 runners upwards larn a costless cycle each!!

How does Projecteo operate yous ask?  One connects their Instagram work organisation human relationship to the Projecteo website, too and thus Projecteo develops their images onto 35mm cinema too and thus they are placed into a exceptional miniature-sized cartridge that plays on the Projecteo projector. Both the projector too the cycle of images (which sort of hold off similar Oreo cookies) volition larn inward together inward the mail. 

To hold upwards into the contest, hold upwards out a comment below! (Anonymous or unknowns solely eligible alongside an email). We’ll lead i winner for the projector too 10 runners upwards for a cycle of images each!  To hold upwards into twice, “like” Projecteo on Facebook too thus come upwards dorsum hither to hold upwards into a instant time. The deadline to hold upwards into Thursday, September 26 at 6pm Pacific.  Good Luck!

Update:  The winner of the Projecteo too cartridge is Nicki Traikos! Congrats Nicki! And the x runner ups are:  Lauren of Flimsy Frisbee, Sara of Bichinhos Na Cabeca,  Rena C,  Ravyn, Got Craft, Gypsy Girl, Joanne Cox, Becca Gilgan, Asa too Tasneem Dasoo! Please e-mail us thus nosotros tin dismiss ship yous information on how to collect your prizes!

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