Prediction well-nigh Islamic Republic of Pakistan & Awaited Leader (Secrets of Creation of Islamic Republic of Pakistan – Part 1)

الله کا بھیجا ہوا وہ نیک بندہ پاکستان میں قیام کرے گا

Pakistan – The Land of Pure People
Pakistan has a real striking resemblance alongside Madina as well as it’s non solely its history. Madina’s existent yell is Madina-e-Tayyab, which are 2 Standard Arabic words. Madina agency a house where people alive spell Tayyab is the commencement Kalma, LA ILAHA ILLALLAH MUHAMMADUR RASOOL ALLAH, There is no god but Allah as well as Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. The pregnant of Tayyab is purity. While Islamic Republic of Pakistan is too composed of 2 words, Pak-i-stan, which are Western Farsi words. Stan agency a house where people alive spell Pak is the commencement kalma inwards Western Farsi as well as agency purity. Pakistan converted into Standard Arabic becomes Madina-e-Tayyab as well as Madina-e-Tayyab converted into Western Farsi becomes Pakistan. There is a lot of mysticism involved inwards creation of Pakistan. This is a blessed nation created past times Allah which came into being on the 27th nighttime of Ramadan.

 A Saint’s Prediction

H5N1 Buzrg ‘Wazir Muhammad Wasu’ predicted the yell as well as creation of Islamic Republic of Pakistan inwards 1930 straight off later Allama Iqbal’s Presidential Address at Allahbad. Keeping inwards heed the spiritual stature of Allama Iqbal mentioned past times Pir Jamaat Ali Shah (r.a.)….Read details here

Excerpt from Book: ‘Woh Warq Tha Dil Ki Kitab Ka‘ By Iqbal Diwan

Note: Please must read the comment of  Writer Iqbal Diwan (Eyedee) inwards Comments Section below to know to a greater extent than almost the excerpt quoted above. (Interesting disclosure past times Buzrg physician Tariq Durrani Saheb)

 ‘Pakistan’ Name’s resemblance alongside ‘Madina Tayyabah’

 A Hadith almost Name of Madina
[Mishkaat Shareef] “Jabir b. Samura (Allah hold out pleased alongside him) reported that he heard Allah’s Messenger (may peace hold out upon him) say: Allah named Medina every bit Taaba.

Taaba or Tayyaba agency Pure. This Hadith is too acquaint inwards Sahih Muslim as well as Masnad Ahmad. In Sahih Bukhari a Hadith appears twice maxim ‘…….When the Prophet (PBUH) saw Medina He said, “This is Taaba”.’ 

Mysterious Spiritual Dimensions of Pakistan

پاکستان – پاک لوگوں کے رہنے کی جگہ…..وہ پاک لوگ کون ہیں جن کے لئے یہ پاکستان بنایا گیا. بنا نہیں بنایا گیا.

Excerpt from upshot of ‘Kuutiya Wala Baba کٹیا والا بابا ‘ mentioned past times Mumtaz Mufti inwards Book Alakh Nagri.

ممتاز مفتی صاحب لکھتے ہیں کہ

 ساری اہمیت اللہ کے دین کی ہے. اللہ کا بھیجا ہوا وہ بندہ جس کے وجود سے دنیا منور ہو گی، پاکستان میں آئے گا. ان کا قیام پاکستان میں ہو گا.

Time has come

Page 243 from Book: Jerusalem In Quran past times Imran Nazar Hussain translated to Urdu past times M. Javed Iqbal.

نقشبندیہ سلسلہ کے شیخ ناظم قدس سرہ فرماتے ہیں کہ انہوں نے امام مہدی کو دیکھا ہے وہ جوان ہو چکے ہیں.

Imam Mehdi Ki Tareef
Excerpt from Book: Sultan-e-Naseer past times Prof. Ahmad Rafique Akhtar

Allama Iqbal’s Prediction
By men whose eyes run into far as well as broad novel cities shall hold out founded:
Not past times erstwhile Kufa or Baghdad is my thought’s vision bounded.
 O God, may the percentage have a Dervish
Whose Faqr works Moses‐like; 

The destiny of nations depends on a Dervish
Who does not covet (wish) the favor of kings.


Admin’s Note:
A reader of this shipping service raised a query that ‘Name’ of Madina was Yasrab then base of operations of this shipping service is non correct.
Here is detailed answer:

There are many Ahadith inwards which Holy Prophet (PBUH) disliked yell Yasrab (Yathrib) as well as stopped the people to telephone weep upward Madina every bit Yasrab. Holy Prophet (PBUH) renamed Yasrab to Madina or Taaba.
Hadith from Masnad Ahmad & Details from Mishkaat Shareef