Online Video: What does it convey to offering teachers in addition to learners?

This serial of postings are the result of a preparation presentation I was asked to deliver for Moroccan teachers of English linguistic communication inwards Kinitra on 15th Dec 08.

Online Video: For Language Development

  • Online Video: As Communication
  • Online Video: As Knowledge Resource
  • Online Video: Authentic Genres
  • These are past times no agency conclusive. With the spread of broadband access the potential for educational activity together with for linguistic communication teaching together with evolution together with autonomous instructor evolution is huge, precisely however every bit yet largely nether exploited every bit the give-and-take that followed my session highlighted.

    Some of the potential problems nosotros highlighted were:

    • Inappropriate content
    • Dead links
    • Teacher preparation time
    • Blocked sites
    • Lack of connectivity

    Anyway, I promise y’all bask reading this serial of postings, which are inwards primary business office a summary of my move inwards this expanse over the end eighteen months, together with that they plough over around insight into around of the potential together with a few of the ways nosotros tin overcome the problems. If y’all convey experienced other problems, past times all agency move out a comment.

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