Online Video: As Communication

Over the past times twain of years online video communication has been transformed, non exclusively toll as well as quality, simply inwards repose of live as well as accessibility. This tool has neat potential for extending the reaches of our classroom as well as opening access to much improve back upwards for distance learners.

Video conferencing
Video conferencing was ane time a really hard as well as expensive action that required specific software, hardware as well as inwards many cases an expensive delineate of piece of occupation concern human relationship with a service provider. You tin straightaway exercise video conferencing for gratis using software similar Skype or gratis web-based services similar Teaching suggestions for using Tokbox with students:

Sending Video Greetings
Sending Bubble Joy to your EFL / ESL Students

Annotating the web
The Great Video Commenting Tool

Video Microblogging
Video microblogging is a way of creating your ain curt video broadcasts. The starting fourth dimension such site to enable this was 12 Seconds TV. The persuasion behind the site is that y’all exercise a curt 12 minute long video clip using your webcam. Other people tin as well as thus subscribe to your channel as well as sentry your video clips. It’s oftentimes used with friends to proceed each other upwards to engagement on what they are doing, simply it does convey a attain of uses for the EFL classroom.

12 Second Video Clips for EFL ESL

I promise this gives y’all a few ideas as well as hints for how to live online video communication tools as well as past times all agency live out comments below if your ain favourites haven’t been mentioned here.

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