My Personal Best

I’ve been blogging on this site right away for simply over a year, as well as thus I sentiment that simply earlier I caput off on my vacation for a span of weeks, I would acquire out you lot amongst what I experience were some of my best postings over the final yr or so.

Creating audio-visual monologues
Back inward Apr 2007 I wrote near a prissy chip of costless recording as well as lip syncing software that enables students as well as teachers to practise pocket-size animated flash characters similar this one.
Interactive presentations
Back inward September 2007 I discovered Voice Thread as well as wrote a tutorial as well as some pedagogy tips as well as some ideas for how to utilisation it.

Creating a mobile telephone website
In Oct 2007 I wrote near how to practise your ain mobile telephone based community using Winksite. This included a demo tutorial likewise every bit an event site for you lot to endeavour out.

Exploiting 2 computer-based RPGs
In Nov 2007 I created some tutorials as well as pedagogy materials based closed to 2 online Role playing games (RPGs) as well as looked at how thee could live on used for EFL/ ESL.

3B Village 3D browser
In Dec 2007 3B Village added lots of novel functionality to in that place 3D collaborative spider web browser as well as this inspired some pedagogy tips as well as ideas based closed to that.

Soundscapes from Soundtransit
In March 2008 I wrote near a wonderful site for sharing as well as downloading well files. I actually enjoyed this site every bit it inspired quite a few pedagogy ideas as well as tips.

Iconic teen video
From Apr 2008 I sentiment that my best posting was a await at the kinds of videos teens are watching on YouTube as well as the novel micro-genres that are developing through that medium.

Immersive Image Environments
In May I discovered i of my favourite browser plugins as well as i which I nonetheless savour everyday- PicLens. I wrote some suggestions showing simply how useful i sentiment it could live on inward class.

Create your ain social network vii steps
Lastly, inward June of this yr I wrote near creating a social network using Ning. This was a existent learning experience for me as well as I tried to part some of what I had learned from creating a network for a projection i accept been working on.

I promise you lot accept enjoyed at to the lowest degree some of these postings. I’ve sure enjoyed as well as learned a lot from producing them.

Anyway, I’m off on vacation for the adjacent span of weeks as well as volition live on dorsum amongst to a greater extent than mid to belatedly August.

Best wishes

Nik Peachey