Mohtarma Atiya (Aunty G of Book ‘Jise Raat Le Uri Hawa’ yesteryear Iqbal Diwan) – Part 1

محترمہ عطیہ صاحبہ کوسیرالارض اور تصرف کا مقام حاصل تھا

Mohtarma Atiya Maujood was non only a Seer; she had been appointed yesteryear Allah Almighty for this really purpose of giving glad tidings well-nigh Pakistan’s future. Lets read a brusk biography of Mohtarma Atiya from ii books of Muhammad Iqbal Diwan. Here rootage role is added, side yesteryear side postal service volition live on to a greater extent than or less other chapter from his instant majority inwards which to a greater extent than data well-nigh coming hereafter of Islamic Republic of Pakistan too a Holy dream well-nigh novel borders of Pakistan, accept been mentioned but earlier that post, must read this part.

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ممتاز مفتی کی کتاب الکه نگری میں جو انیسواں باب ہے وہ ‘آنٹی ایم’ کے بارے میں ہے. ممتاز مفتی نے سچ کہا تھا کہ وہ خالی سیر (Seer) نہیں ہیں بلکہ کچھ اور بھی ہیں

Muhammad Iqbal Diwan (Adnan?)
Iqbal Diwan Saheb has revealed the mystery of ‘Ninety of ShahabNama‘ at Page No. 8 of Chapter posted below but straightaway nosotros request to a greater extent than or less other ‘seer’ who could disclose the hush-hush of Adnan. Please read the article of Amjad Islam Amjad at the goal of this post.


Review of Book ‘Jise Raat Le Uri Hawa’ By Amjad Islam Amjad
(Express Newspaper, eighth July 2010)