Mix Images together with Animation on Your Mobile

A yoke of years dorsum I wrote close a actually squeamish spider web based tool called Xtranormal in addition to since thence I’ve heard from thence many teachers proverb how useful their students direct keep constitute it, thence I was delighted yesterday to discovery that the same makes had forthwith produced a gratis mobile / tablet app called Tellagami. The app runs on a mobile device in addition to allows users to add together animated speaking characters to a pick of backgrounds or to the users’ ain images. You tin move thence either move text to vocalisation communication to write a script for the character, or y’all tin move tape your ain vocalisation in addition to the app volition lip-synch y’all text to the character. This is really quick in addition to slow to do. Here’s how.

Open the app an click on create.

Then direct your background, either from the ones provided, from your ain epitome library or y’all tin move accept a photograph of wherever y’all are at the time.

Then y’all tin move direct the grapheme y’all desire to move in addition to customise their appearance.

Next y’all tin move select an emotion for your character.

Lastly, y’all tin move either type inwards your message or tape it straight onto your device. You tin move tape upwardly to thirty seconds of spoken audio.

Once y’all animation is consummate y’all tin move either transportation it past times email, part it through diverse social networks or merely salve it onto your device to demo it inwards class.

 You tin move consummate the whole procedure inwards merely a yoke of minutes.

I intend this is a groovy app to move out students speaking either inwards the classroom, at dwelling or piece they are out in addition to close inwards the world.

Some learning activities for students

  • Ask the students to create four – five animated images explaining their road to school.
  • Get students to create animated images of four – five of their favourite places unopen to their town.
  • Get students to accept pictures of objects in addition to create an animated video dictionary.
  • Get students to beak close images of people inwards their family.
  • Create some animated images of dissimilar steps inwards a procedure (making coffee, tea etc) in addition to thence move out the students to scout in addition to pose them inwards the right order.
  • Get students to create an animated epitome mag past times adding 1 novel epitome each day.
  • Get students to accept pictures of their favourite mass covers or celluloid posters in addition to thence tape a review.
  • Get students to create animated video cards on exceptional occasions.

 I’m certain in that location are lots to a greater extent than activities y’all tin move intend of.

What I similar close Tellagami

  • It’s gratis in addition to really slow to use.
  • It encourages students to speak.
  • It tin move move used effectively exterior the classroom.
  • Students tin move move it to line some aspects of their ain life in addition to sense into the classroom.
  • It produces really professional person looking results.

Possible problems

  • At introduce it’s solely available for iPhone / iPad thence that limits who tin move move it.

 So if your students direct keep iPads / iPhones in addition to y’all emmet to hand them motivating speaking assignments for homework, Tellagami is a groovy tool to move for the job.

I promise y’all discovery it useful.

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