Microblogging for EFL amongst Plurk

Well I never idea I’d enjoin this, but I’ve move a fan of Twitter vs Plurk comparison. Now almost half dozen weeks later, I bring to enjoin that for me Plurk has come upward out equally a clear winner. Watch this present to run into why.

Here’s a quick present of Plurk together with some of the features.

What I similar most microblogging

  • One work that I constantly bring is the amount of data together with novel things I honor that I’d similar to portion but simply don’t bring fourth dimension to enquiry together with write about. What I bring flora over the final few weeks is that mircoblogging allows me to portion this information, admittedly amongst less depth, but I’ve been able to portion links to resources that people mightiness honor useful, but which I don’t bring the fourth dimension to explore inwards depth.
  • See my Plurk occupation hither if you’d similar to banking concern agree out the sites I don’t bring fourth dimension to write about: http://www.plurk.com/user/NikPeachey

What I similar most Plurk

  • For me the best Plurk characteristic is the powerfulness to embed video from YouTube together with images into the Plurk. This enable users to sentry the clip or icon without leaving the Plurk interface.
  • I besides actually similar the horizontal fourth dimension occupation together with the means yous tin scroll dorsum through fourth dimension lines together with thread inwards comments. Threaded tidings tin ofttimes move real disjointed together with difficult to follow on Twitter, but Plurk makes it much clearer which comments are related.
  • I similar the distinction betwixt friends together with fans (friends Plurks tin besides look on your line, whereas fans simply subscribe to your feed)
  • I similar the feel of accumulating ‘karma’ equally yous prepare your plurk presence.
  • I dear the Plurk widget (you tin run into it embedded towards the bottom of the right paw column on this page).
  • I actually similar that Plurk gives a selection of verbs for the message

So how most using microblogging amongst EFL studnts
As a instructor yous could piece of work microblogging to:

  • Share resources together with links to useful websites or videos (they opened upward inwards the interface together with hence students don’t bring to search around YouTube for them.
  • Send out prompts together with reminders to students most assignments together with due dates.
  • You could simply piece of work the social human face to portion a fleck of what yous exercise each twenty-four hours amongst them
  • Send students images to comment on / describe
  • Send out words together with inquire students to reply amongst a definition.
  • Create unmarried judgement assignments that students reply to wit unmarried sentences.
  • Create sentences for the students to correct.
  • Create a collaborative story. You kickoff the storey amongst 1 occupation together with each pupil has to add together some other using the response feature.

Your students could piece of work microblogging to:

  • Create a learner diary, recording briefly their linguistic communication learning activities together with insights through the day.
  • Ask questions to the groups together with acquire back upward amongst novel words they honor or things they don’t understand.
  • Post a brusk judgement each twenty-four hours using a unlike 1 of the verbs inwards the Plurk line
  • Share proficient websites etc.
  • Share a niggling of their basis together with what they exercise when they aren’t inwards class.

What I’m non together with hence certain about

  • It’s actually difficult for a challenger similar Plurk to interruption into a marketplace seat that Twitter almost invented, together with hence despite the fact that I piece of work Plurk to a greater extent than ofttimes together with it seems to me a much ameliorate product, I’ve got far to a greater extent than followers on Twitter than I bring on Plurk, together with hence the audience potential is much greater amongst Twitter.
  • As ever privacy is something yous involve to last careful of, together with I’ve flora that a few people who bring requested friendship exclusively exercise together with hence to ‘spam’ my fourth dimension line. Though that’s tardily to form out together with stop.

Well which ever yous use, whether it’s Twitter, Plurk or something else I promise yous relish your microblogging experience.

Drop me a occupation if yous know of other alternatives, or if yous bring used these microblogging applications inwards other ways. As e’er yous comments are welcome (though moderated!).


Nik Peachey

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