Is this N. Korea matter to a greater extent than serious than nosotros think?

via Bantay Spratly.

BREAKING NEWS! PRC PLA troops caput to Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) edge equally North-South tensions mount
The People’s Liberation Army has sent troops to China’s edge alongside Democratic People’s Republic of Korea equally escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula accept pushed North in addition to South to the brink of possible war.
The Hong Kong-based Oriental Daily reported Sat that network users accept been uploading photos of what look to move PLA armored vehicles in addition to tanks passing through the streets of Yanji, the topographic point of the Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture inward eastern Jilin province. The city, considered a fundamental carry in addition to merchandise hub betwixt PRC in addition to the DPRK, is less than thirty kilometers from the 1,400-kilometer border.
The armed services deployment is believed to reverberate how seriously Beijing considers the the electrical flow standoff betwixt North in addition to South Korea. Delegates from Pyongyang in addition to Seoul accept agreed to buy the farm on talks at three pm Lord’s Day local fourth dimension later the source high-level dialogue betwixt the ii sides inward most a twelvemonth was adjourned next a marathon 10-hour session.

What create the Chinese know that nosotros don’t?

All I’m getting from U.S.A. Forces Korea is that they’re monitoring the situation.  8th Army isn’t maxim anything either.  I don’t human face much from USMC Forces Korea in addition to then what is the bargain here?

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What has the Chinese in addition to then spooked that they’d deploy this many additional troops to an already militarized border?