Is the Saudi offensive inwards Republic of Yemen failing?

Thanks to NO for the link!

I couldn’t sympathise 1 give-and-take that was said inwards this video.

Even without agreement the linguistic communication its slowly plenty to brand out a few things.  Apparently the Saudi Army was involved inwards or as well as hence type of vehicle recovery op as well as got ambushed.  Additionally the pose out of vehicles damaged (if true) should get got warning bells ringing inwards AFRICOM/CENTCOM.

The Saudi offensive is grinding to a stop nether best illustration scenarios as well as nether worse they’re getting their asses handed to them.

One affair has me wondering.

ISIS is proud to demo the bodies of those they kill.  They get got pride inwards brutalizing those they capture.  These people aren’t doing that.  Even inwards the “non” tidings vids that I’ve seen nosotros aren’t seeing the type of vulgarity that is the hallmark of ISIS.

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I’m simply throwing this out there.  If these people are unlike — are nosotros supporting the correct side?  I honestly don’t know.  What I produce know is this.  I predicted this affair would instruct nasty as well as I was topographic point on.