Is military machine theory wrong? Mechanized forces are existence beaten yesteryear calorie-free infantry!

The fighting inward Syria/Iraq in addition to inward Republic of Yemen is tossing military machine theory into the trash bin.

What create I mean?

We’re looking at mechanized forces beingness beaten past times low-cal infantry on an almost daily basis.  If y’all own got a pace dorsum in addition to await at the “order of battle” for all sides involved, thus nosotros should run into Republic of Iraq curb stomping ISIS inward their country, Syrian Arab Republic is a chip to a greater extent than muddled, exactly inward Republic of Yemen nosotros should run into the Saudis/GCC having wrapped upwards military machine operations past times now.

Instead nosotros run into at best military machine setbacks in addition to at worst a stalemate alongside the ‘insurgent’ forces (I role this term for desire of a amend one).

How tin this be?  If nosotros tell that its because the mech forces own got miserable troops thus nosotros must likewise admit that they’re facing villagers alongside a few professionals mixed in.  At best the troop effect is even.  If nosotros await at tech thus Iraq/Syria/Saudi-GCC sure own got a huge edge.  Add to all this the available airpower that they all own got thus nosotros must showtime bespeak serious questions most what’s going on here.

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NOTE:  I didn’t delve into tactics because spell I believe it to likewise live on an equal factor, I’m sure many of y’all volition consider it the crusade of their failure.  I don’t recollect thus in addition to for this give-and-take lets follow my Pb in addition to consider both sides to live on sloppy inward their TTPs.

Note 1:  Is it possible that we’ve seen the demise of non solely the tank exactly likewise armored vehicles on the battlefield?  Again, I don’t recollect so.  But I create believe that nosotros mightiness live on reaching a indicate where it takes extremely professional person Soldiers/Marines to successfully travel them on hybrid battlefields.