Guest Blogging Post-Penguin 2.0

Any website possessor that uses invitee blogging every bit a way to which they endeavour to move  themselves upward the Google ladder has seen the many changes that direct hold developed throughout the terminal few years. During the golden days of blogging, it was slow to  percentage too repeat data on blogs because the word was out: “as long every bit yous direct hold links posted all throughout the internet, Google sees yous every bit a feasible website of involvement for higher rankings inwards searches.” Guest blogging rapidly became the way to practise this. Although this is silent the illustration to a modest degree, a tactful approach must live made if yous are  silent a strong advocate of guest  blogging for your internet marketing campaign.
Any website possessor that uses invitee blogging every bit a way to which they endeavour to movement Guest Blogging Post-Penguin 2.0

Guest Blogging Post-Penguin 2.0

The Penguin 2.0 launch has brought a lot of incertitude every bit to whether invitee blogging volition thrive or die, but it does seem that Google silent puts a high cost on invitee blogging. It’s what goes on inside these posts that Google monitors to a greater extent than closely. Here are some tips to ensure yous volition go along invitee blogging live for everyone else too practise goodness from it yourself:

Raise the character of invitee posts

The invitee blogging marketplace has been flooded alongside overwhelming amounts of repetitive content too countless spammy links. This is to blame inwards business office on Google. If Google had been to a greater extent than detail earlier their organisation had been taken payoff of, at that topographic point could direct hold been an cyberspace total of heavy, fulfilling content. If content genuinely had been treated every bit king, would the blogosphere direct hold the same amount of tidings that it currently has today?

If the character of invitee blogging or the value upon which it is developed too used stays at a high level, the effects of backlinks may live able to gain a higher assessed worth again. Since websites are pulling dorsum their openness to invitee bloggers, a natural pruning is already inwards order, but if the full general writing populace takes this affair seriously, the pocket could potentially loosen too invitee blogging would live able to accept a to a greater extent than prominent go for traffic creation ane time again.

Stop using the same backlinks over too over.

The to a greater extent than ofttimes a website is backlinked, the to a greater extent than that it falls into the “spam” category. Let’s human face upward it; if yous are putting your site’s link onto v posts a day, yous are officially a spammer. There is no other description. You may non direct hold the intentions of beingness a spammer, but that is what yous direct hold become. There is a loophole to a greater extent than or less this, however, too it is to practise what I am coining every bit “cyclical linkage.” Cyclical linkage is creating a link organisation that is developed due to having multiple interconnected sites that ordinarily too uniformly link to each other inwards multiple ways.

Many verbalise nearly the benefits of having multiple blogs, but who inwards their correct need heed grew upward thinking that it would live a cracking watch to direct hold four blogs? The destination is to spread the wealth inwards ane aspect, but inwards some other aspect nosotros tin focus straight on the number of avoiding spam. To Google, it looks similar yous direct hold your readers from your invitee post discussing SEO written past times yous along alongside a link to your personal blog, but yous direct hold genuinely inconspicuously taken them at that topographic point to connect them to a secondary link to your SEO site. Then on the adjacent post, yous write some other cracking spider web log post discussing SEO too ship them to your actual SEO site. By doing this, yous are taking the focus off of the overuse of that ane detail link but silent keeping your audience linked up. The fundamental is to brand sure enough that all of your sites are then interconnected that a potential customer wouldn’t immature lady the link to your other site(s).

Although this is non a perfect approach, the fundamental hither is to take away the potential of beingness downgraded due to having besides many backlinks for ane detail site. By interconnecting your sites, yous are creating cyclical linkage betwixt your ain sites (which tin heighten sales too traffic on all of the sites), too avoid the degradation of your site at the same time.

Get the content right, already.

This should non fifty-fifty live a word anymore, but it seems to silent live the everlasting issue. Even the invitee posts that hash out “how to go a invitee blogger” direct hold the same, repetitive content issue. Without neglect each ane volition hash out how yous should direct hold great, novel content. There are enough of posts discussing how to go a invitee blogger too few that hash out how to live a cracking invitee blogger.

One fundamental to larn the content correct is to practise relatable, interesting, fresh, too most importantly, longer content. The lengths of posts are kickoff to shift because if it is necessary for yous to write 2000 words instead of 750, at that topographic point rattling good should live some decent content to go along yourself writing for that long. Tim Ferriss, bestselling author too author of “The 4-Hour Workweek” writes on his website, “Nearly ALL of my most viral posts are to a greater extent than than 3,000 words.” Enjoy the days of G word posts piece they last.

Get the word out, too go along it out.

Let’s live honest. It takes a twain of hours to seat this post together. By the fourth dimension I formulate my ideas, larn them on paper, beef them up, edit them too re-edit them, it’s easily nearly two hours. Then I pass my fourth dimension emailing sites to larn the post posted. Depending on how long that takes, I could easily direct hold invested three hours into a unmarried post. If yous don’t pass at to the lowest degree one-half of that much fourth dimension promoting your post, I would struggle that yous are wasting your time. Can yous imagine what form of number your post could direct hold if yous were (hardcore) promoting the post for an hr too a half? Now your link is becoming to a greater extent than valuable because you’re getting to a greater extent than traffic from to a greater extent than sources to that post. On tiptop of that, when the site managing director sees how much traffic yous direct hold brought to their site, yous tin almost guarantee some other writing opportunity.

Be sure enough to follow upward alongside comments too pass fourth dimension talking to swain readers on twitter, Google +, too Facebook. The word should live taking house all over the internet. I hope you, if yous are taking the writing procedure seriously, the link procedure seriously too the social procedure seriously, your ROI volition pay out.

Chris Gunn is the possessor of Guest Post Sharks, a guest-blogging society developed to aid businesses construct successful cyberspace marketing campaigns. He enjoys traveling alongside his married adult woman Jessica every bit good every bit pouring into others inwards ways that aid them farther their strengths. You tin notice him on Facebook, Twitter, or Google +.
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