F-35’s latest budget victim? The U.S. of A. Army’s Future Fighting Vehicle.

via Defense Aerospace.

The U.S. of America Army has revealed that its Future Fighting Vehicle programme is existence pushed dorsum due to a lack of funding. An executive summary of the service’s FY17-FY21 Program Objective Memorandum, obtained past times InsideDefense, said a planned FY21 Milestone Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 for the FFV volition similar a shot cause got house inward FY29.

“Given to a greater extent than resources, nosotros would non cause got delayed the FFV program, but nosotros volition mitigate to a greater extent than or less of the gamble past times supporting prototyping efforts that could assist us accelerate the programme inward the futurity if resources perish available or technological breakthroughs occur,” the summary reads.

FFV is a follow-on to the defunct Ground Combat Vehicle, which was terminated inward the FY15 budget. GCV was intended to supervene upon a subdivision of the Bradley fleet.


Fiscal Year 2029.

They powerfulness also survive honest as well as tell its scrapped.  F-35 supporters should survive happy…as should the Air Power Mafia.

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