Exploiting Infographics for Digital Literacy too Critical Thinking

This is simply a brusk postal service to anounce the publication of my novel ebook ‘Exploiting Infographics for Digital Literacy in addition to Critical Thinking‘.

Exploiting Infographics follows on from 10 Lessons inwards Digital Literacy, which is a collection of lesson plans based around infographics, in addition to looks inwards to a greater extent than depth at the genre in addition to how infographics tin hold upward used equally both sources of data in addition to equally creative learning tasks for students.

The tasks that accompany the infographics are intended to encourage students to holler back to a greater extent than critically virtually the data they are exposed to in addition to to inquiry the sources of data they observe whilst browsing the internet.

Exploiting Infographics should attention teachers to showtime creating their ain tasks, activities in addition to lesson plans for students in addition to to integrate infographics inwards a means that volition heighten students’ critical thinking, digital literacy, linguistic communication in addition to communication skills.

Exploiting Infographics was conceived equally purpose of The Digital Classrooms Series which started amongst the observe winning Digital Video – Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Manual for Language Teachers.

The serial is intended to attention teachers, instructor trainers, materials writers in addition to course of teaching designers integrate digital technologies into their classroom do inwards a pedagogically audio in addition to impactful way.

I promise yous bask these books in addition to observe them useful.

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