Exercise Dawn Blitz 2015 is underway…pics yesteryear Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Vladimir Ramos

An amphibious laid on vehicle (AAV) amongst third Assault Amphibian Battalion prepares to larn out the good deck during a send to shore practise crusade aboard amphibious carry dock send USS Somerset (LPD 25). Somerset is currently participating inward Exercise Dawn Blitz 2015 (DB-15). Exercise DB-15 is a multinational preparation conducted past times Expeditionary Strike Group three (ESG-3) together with 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade (1 MEB) to build U.S., Japan, Mexico, together with New Zealand’s amphibious together with command together with command capabilities through live, simulated, together with constructive armed forces preparation activities off the coast together with ashore at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton together with at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Training Center 29 Palms, California. Somerset is the 9th San Antonio-class amphibious carry dock ship.


I tin run across New Zealand participating inward Pacific Rim exercises.  I definitely tin run across their Special Ops personnel working out amongst SOCOM on a continuous reason but an amphibious assault/sea base of operations exercise?  They’re hardly equipped to contribute much of anything.  Mexico?  Their Marine Corps is together with thence busy fighting Narco-Terrorists that I don’t run across how they accept the time.  Additionally their Navy is inward the same cast equally New Zealand’s….they’re non equipped to contribute to an amphibious assault/sea base of operations ex.

So what gives?

Joint/Multi-national for the sake of calling it Joint/Multi-national is silly.  This partnership põrnikas needs to die.

Ok Sol, nosotros heard y’all bitch, what would y’all similar to see?  How close making Dawn Blitz the premier articulation forcible entry exercise….How close instead of inviting countries amongst petty capability nosotros redesign it.  Year One (yeah I’m talking close resetting the whole thing) nosotros invite the 82nd Airborne together with create a articulation amphibious/parachute laid on on mythical province X.  Year Two nosotros expand that to include a Stryker Brigade, SOCOM together with workout a total bore MPS squadron.  Year Three nosotros sit down dorsum together with spotter the people begging to participate.

Hosting Unlimited Indonesia

I mean value that would live on a ameliorate model than what we’re seeing.  Too many practise amongst besides scattered a focus is but busy work.
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