Europe is getting crushed past times illegal immigration…

via The Telegraph…

Fears are growing that cross-Channel services volition i time to a greater extent than live on plunged into chaos this calendar week afterward groups of migrants renewed their attempts to board freight trains to Britain, prompting farther delays in addition to cancellation.
Around 150 migrants tried to tempest the Eurotunnel finally inward Calais on Fri black inward an motility to climb onto the trains heading to the UK.
French riot constabulary intervened to foreclose the migrants breaking or cutting their trend into waiting lorries, but the government in addition to freight operators are braced for farther problems over the coming days.
Eurotunnel said that several of its freight services were delayed in addition to cancelled afterward groups of migrants attempted to come inward restricted areas on the French side. It said that the incident exclusively affected freight traffic only, alongside rider services continuing to run to a amount timetable.


I am continuously amazed.

The perfect tempest for a major domestic incident is lining upwards for Europe in addition to the European Union bureaucrats are taking a describe of piece of work organization every bit normal approach to the problem.  They’re coming together on the 14th (I believe its the 14th) of this calendar month to bargain alongside the problem….but the occupation is spiraling out of command now!

Want to know what i European province is doing?

Republic of Hungary is edifice a fence!

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 weak economy.  Poor usage prospects for citizens.  A generous social welfare cyberspace that is going to live on strained yesteryear the novel overflowing of people…..and Federal Reserve notation nosotros haven’t fifty-fifty mentioned the possibility of ISIS ‘agents’ existence mixed in.

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We’re non talking virtually a civil war, but I produce hold off major violence inward European cities soon.  They ameliorate promise wintertime comes quick.