Doomsday scenario. What if the the U.S. of A. deployed troops to Europe to protect refugees?


European Union leadership is behind the ability crease when it comes to dealing alongside the immigration occupation that Europe is currently facing.  Suddenly Neo-Nazi groups become on a rampage attacking immigrants.

I’m non talking virtually the commons hooligan violence that y’all encounter later soccer games only knock down, drag out, skull crushing fights that halt upwardly alongside people dead as well as seriously injured.

Playing this out further, instead of beingness outraged yesteryear these attacks, the European people origin cheering them on.  EU leadership would survive betwixt a stone as well as a difficult place.

Do they scissure downwardly on their ain people or create they circular upwardly refugees as well as post them back?

Then what?  I tin imagine that those that spend upwardly to bow to the wishes of the people could encounter their governments toppled as well as the same happening.

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Under those weather condition would it survive exterior the realm of possibilities for the the U.S. of A. to country Marines/Soldiers to protect refugees?  I can’t think where I read it only it was outlined every bit a possible lawsuit of this unchecked immigration awhile ago.  What if it comes true?