DIY | Vintage Belt Camera Strap

Hi there, it’s Mariah from Everything Golden hither to part some other DIY project. I accept been wanting a strap for my photographic telly camera but was uninspired past times what was out there, as well as hence I decided to brand my own. I institute these cool vintage belts at an antique shop as well as 1 had the cite Jane carved inwards it, as well as hence I idea what a perfect chance to cite my camera! Here’s how y’all produce it…

What you’ll need: 1. One or 2 belts depending on the size. Wrap touchstone record roughly your shoulder as well as figure out what a comfortable length is for you. (I ended upwards using 2 belts to larn the length I wanted but y’all mightiness notice 1 belt that is long enough. If y’all do, y’all tin run out the buckle on the shoulder halt of the strap as well as you’ll accept an adjustable feature.) 2. A leather punch, institute at most arts and crafts as well as sewing stores. 3. Scissors as well as a hammer 4. Strong fabric that is minor plenty to represent through the photographic telly camera strap hooks. 5. Measuring record 6. Rivets

Instructions: Measure as well as cutting your belt/belts to the appropriate size. In my example I cutting the ends of my 2 belts leaving close 2″ overlap. Punch iv holes into the leather using the leather punch. You desire the rivets to endure a snug it within the holes as well as hence work the appropriate size punch. I recommend practicing on some chip leather if y’all haven’t done this before. Then overlap the leather, sideslip the rivets into the hole as well as using a difficult surface, hammer the rivets to secure the 2 pieces of leather together. For the connector to the camera, I left purpose of the strap that was currently at that topographic point as well as attached the leather to it’s ends. Every photographic telly camera is unlike an I’m certain at that topographic point are many unlike ways to produce this.

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