DIY Scaredy Cat Cake Toppers

Contributor postal service past times Lyndsay Sung of Coco Cake Land

Meowrrr! These scaredy truthful cat cake toppers are unproblematic to brand together with super cute, equally good – together with they volition forthwith Halloween-ize your cupcakes or cake. Bake unopen to cupcakes inwards orangish liners, or plunk 1 of these truthful cat toppers inwards a unproblematic shop bought cake together with your Halloween political party is all educate inwards the blink of a cat’s eye.

You volition need:

• Craft newspaper inwards dark (or nighttime grey), green, yellow, white together with pink
• Circle arts and crafts punches inwards large together with small-scale sizes (or you lot tin cutting out your truthful cat shapes alongside scissors)
• Small hole punch
• Gluestick
• Black fine draw of piece of occupation Sharpie marker
• Wooden BBQ sticks
• Scotch or washi tape

Step 1
Punch out holes for your truthful cat human face upward together with truthful cat eyes.

Step 2
Using scissors, cutting out ovals for slit-like truthful cat irises, triangles for truthful cat ears, white bum-like shapes for the oral fissure together with punch out trivial pinkish noses together with white dots for the eyes. Cut out precipitous looking white triangles for the cat’s teeth, too!

Step 3
Glue your eyes together! Glue the dark slit ovals onto the greenish together with xanthous circles. Glue the trivial white dots onto the ovals.

Step 4
Glue together together with fashion the mouthpiece: Glue the precipitous triangle teeth nether the white bum similar shape. Glue the pinkish point on similar a nose. Use your dark fine tip marking to utilisation whiskers. Glue the dark triangle ears nether the large circle.

Step 5
Glue your human face upward together – Glue your eyes together with mouthpiece onto your large dark circle!

Step 6
Now piece of occupation on on going together with utilisation a grouping of scaredy truthful cat buddies.

Step 7
Tape your scaredy truthful cat faces onto wooden BBQ stickers together with you’re all done! Plunk them into the nearest cake together with of a abrupt you’re all Halloween.

Hope you lot enjoyed this unproblematic funny scaredy truthful cat cake topper DIY! Happy Halloween!

Crafts, cakes, styling together with photos by Lyndsay Sung.

Follow Lyndsay online at:
Site: Coco Cake Land
Twitter: @cococakecupcake

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