Developing Your Digital Study Skills

Making the motion from our prophylactic in addition to trusted traditional literacy habits to newer digital skills tin sack endure quite a challenge, but equally teachers I intend nosotros are actually unlikely to endure able to job technology scientific discipline in addition to assist our students job technology scientific discipline actually effectively unless nosotros are prepared to aspect upward this challenge. Technology needs to endure to a greater extent than than job of the means nosotros learn but it also has to endure job of the means nosotros ourselves maintain to larn in addition to job of our everyday professional person practice.

Scrible is i tool that has been helping me to brand this footstep away from my newspaper in addition to pencil report habits in addition to towards a to a greater extent than efficient in addition to digital means of learning.

Scrible enables me to supervene upon my highlighter, pasty notes in addition to coloured pens in addition to to operate alongside similar tools straight on the estimator screen.

As an information addict, I pass quite a lot of my fourth dimension scanning through blogs in addition to mag articles virtually educational technology scientific discipline in addition to linguistic communication learning in addition to trying to maintain rails of useful quotes in addition to information from around the web. Recently I accept started using Scrible to assist me do this.

Scrible is a uncomplicated browser plugin that I tin sack activate whenever I abide by something interesting online. The plugin opens a toolbar which enables me to annotate in addition to score upward webpages alongside different color highlighters, pasty notes in addition to alter the color of the text.

But is tin sack do to a greater extent than than this, because it also enables me to salvage the articles in addition to webpages I accept commented on, along alongside my my annotations into a library then that I tin sack come upward dorsum in addition to abide by them later.

Once I accept saved the annotated pages I tin sack also part them alongside others past times creating a uncomplicated link. These links tin sack endure either equally ‘read only’ (the students tin sack run into my annotations but non alter them) or equally ‘editable’ pages (students  tin sack run into my annotations in addition to also add together their own) that I tin sack operate on collaboratively.

For me this is a non bad report assist in addition to actually ensures that I tin sack acquire back, abide by in addition to review all the articles I’ve studied.

How to job Scrible EFL / ESL students
We tin sack acquire our students to use Scrible inwards the same means that nosotros would to report an online text, though nosotros tin sack also job it to focus them on linguistic communication evolution too. Here are some suggestions.

  • Get students to position in addition to alter the color of all collocations. They tin sack job different colours for different types.
  • Use the pasty notes to laid upward reading tasks in addition to comprehension questions in addition to acquire students to highlight the job of the text where they abide by the answer.
  • Get students to read a text in addition to post service pasty banking concern notation questions virtually it for yous to answer.
  • Get students to color code different parts of spoken language inside the text.
  • get students to color highlight different verb structures. They could also acquire out pasty notes maxim what the construction is or what job of the construction is beingness demonstrated.
  • Get students to job pasty notes to define words from the text.

 What I’m non then certain about

  • The toolbar tin sack endure a petty fleck fiddly sometimes in addition to it’s hard to attach pasty notes to specific areas of images.

On the whole I actually like Scrible in addition to accept constitute it actually useful to assist me motion away from pen in addition to newspaper inwards a means that makes much to a greater extent than feel equally most of my studying is done online using digital resources.

I promise yous plough over it a attempt too.

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