Creating illustrations together with infographics for ELT tasks is i of my favourite tools in addition to the i I work most for creating graphics in addition to infographics. As someone who doesn’t clit real good in addition to has alone express pattern abilities it has actually helped me out a position out of times in addition to enabled me to create professional person looking illustrations, production mockups in addition to pedagogy materials.

How it works
When you lot become to the site you lot tin either opened upward an existing diagram or create a novel one.

Click on Create New Diagram in addition to you lot volition accept the choice to either select from a position out of templates that you lot tin edit or work a blank template.

Once you lot opened upward a blank template you lot run into the sheet inward the centre in addition to on the left of the covert at that spot are a position out of shapes in addition to a search engine. If you lot scroll downward the categories on the left in addition to click on them you’ll run into a vast attain of shapes images in addition to icons whatsoever of which you lot tin work past times only dragging them onto the canvas.

The sheet appears to survive A4, but to tin driblet images in addition to shapes anywhere or therefore it in addition to it volition expand inward whatsoever direction to adjust your graphic.

If you lot desire something specific you lot tin type a primal give-and-take into the search engine in addition to you’ll run into images related to the word.

All shapes in addition to images tin survive resized, dragged or therefore in addition to accept text in addition to coloring added i time they are on the canvas.

Going to the insert carte du jour also enables you lot to add together images from URLs or search Google for images to add together to your graphic.

Once you lot accept finished creating your graphic you lot tin export it equally an icon or salve it inward a position out of unlike format types including PDF, PNG, SVG in addition to HTML. You tin also salve an XML file of the graphic in addition to and therefore opened upward it at a afterward appointment or portion it alongside someone else to edit it. This is a actually useful if you lot spot an fault or typo at a afterward date.

The files tin survive saved on the device you lot are working on or on Google Drive or DropBox, therefore they are slow to portion alongside other people.

How to work it

Create fourth dimension lines
Time lines are non bad for helping students to empathise the concepts in addition to fourth dimension relationships inward diverse statements. You tin work the timeline to map out the events inward the judgement in addition to illustrate the club inward which they happened. tin assist you lot to apace create visually appealing timelines alongside images to assist illustrate the sentences.

Creating flashcards tin survive fourth dimension consuming, peculiarly if you lot can’t draw. You tin real apace create your ain flashcards using the images from in addition to add together text or phonemic script (You tin re-create glue the phonemic text from: ) or you lot tin discovery in addition to add together the images on Google Images.

Create infographics
Infographics are a non bad agency to direct dense statistical information inward an accessible agency for the reckoner screen. is a non bad agency to create your ain infographics for students or you lot tin acquire students to create the infographics themselves. makes it slow to add together images in addition to coloring to the graphics.

You tin discovery lots to a greater extent than tasks in addition to suggestions for exploiting infographics inward my ebook.

Process maps is non bad for creating procedure maps students tin create these to demonstrate their agreement of the processes described inward a text or you lot could create them to present students unlike process, such equally visually explaining a the writing process.

Mindmaps are a non bad agency to back upward retentiveness in addition to present connections betwixt unlike topics. They are also non bad for helping students to retrieve in addition to review vocabulary. makes these real slow to create in addition to you lot tin also add together images to illustrate them. If you lot salve the xml file created past times you lot tin also portion it therefore that others tin edit it in addition to create their ain version.

Grammar summaries
You tin work to create illustrated grammer summaries or acquire students to create them. You tin accept a department for meaning, form, pronunciation in addition to appropriacy in addition to work icons or illustrations to assist clarify in addition to brand the summaries to a greater extent than attractive in addition to memorable.

Conversation/ dialogue maps
Many transactional conversations follow real similar patterns. You tin work to create dialogue maps to illustrate this for students or acquire them to map out a conversation themselves. They tin work the dialogue map to present the purpose of each work of the conversation.

Visual storey summaries
You or your students tin work to create visual summaries of stories. These tin present the characters in addition to the principal events inward the plot. For longer stories, students tin laid the visual equally they read each department or paragraph. This is a non bad agency to acquire students to demonstrate their agreement of the text.

Lifeline maps
Students tin create lifeline maps of themselves showing the principal events inward their lives. These tin survive actually useful equally prompts for speaking activities in addition to to assist students acquire to know each other better. They tin also create lifelines for famous people or historical figures or events.

Illustrations for materials
If you lot create your ain texts or worksheets you lot tin work to add together illustrations graphs in addition to images to them to brand them hold off a chip to a greater extent than attractive in addition to professional.

What I similar almost it

  • It’s costless in addition to runs inward the web-browser therefore no demand to download anything.
  • Great choice of images in addition to icons to add together to illustrations
  • Great to survive able to salve to Google Drive in addition to portion alongside others
  • Great attain of formats for download
  • Love the unlimited sheet space
  • Doesn’t require whatsoever login or registration
  • Quick to larn therefore usable alongside students
  • Great that photographic images tin survive imported inward too

As a tool for creating graphics, infographics in addition to illustrations at that spot isn’t much that tin survive improved. I approximate some people mightiness prefer a freehand creation tool but I’ve personally never had much success alongside these. For me is non bad the agency it is. I promise you lot in addition to your students discovery it useful too.

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