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123ContactForm may non audio similar the form of tool that would last of involvement to educators, but equally I discovered when they asked me to review their online shape creation tool, they offering quite a hit of features that tin terminate solve many of the problems nosotros get got equally 21st century teachers.

We tin terminate exercise it to:

  • Create surveys to do enquiry as well as activity research
  • We tin terminate do interactive materials based around multimedia objects
  • We tin terminate level exercise it to sell our materials or services online as well as get got payments

The tool itself is browser based as well as therefore doesn’t require whatsoever downloading or installation as well as that inwards itself tin terminate relieve a lot of hassle if you lot piece of job inwards an establishment that has real restrictive practices regarding the installation of software.

To acquire started you lot simply demand to acquire to the site as well as register at:

Once you lot get got registered you lot acquire access to the dashboard as well as this is where you lot tin terminate start creating your forms. You simply demand to click on ‘Create New Form’.

You volition therefore acquire a selection of unlike types of shape to create. It’s a skillful thought to click on ‘Other Forms’ this takes you lot to the online educator forms.   If you lot get got a hold off at some of the templates as well as educator forms that get got already been created it volition hand you lot some thought of what the platform tin terminate do. There is an Education department amongst some gear upward made templates in.

When you lot are gear upward to do your ain educator forms, you lot could start past times clicking on ‘Blank Form’. Call your shape ‘My get-go activity’ as well as therefore relieve it as well as hold off at the unlike types of interactions you lot tin terminate create.

You volition run across the basic interactions you lot tin terminate add together to the page. Clicking on them volition add together the interaction type to the page.

Then when you lot click on the interaction type you lot tin terminate edit its features.

Some of the advanced interaction types are peculiarly interesting, especially the html characteristic which enables you lot to embed interactive media objects such equally videos or digital books into your forms as well as therefore construct interactive activities around them.

You tin terminate also add together social buttons to enable users to portion your activities through social media channels. 123ContactForm does also get got a Facebook app therefore in ane lawsuit your activities are consummate you lot tin terminate post them straight into Facebook pages or groups for users to do from there.

This video shows you lot how to exercise all the top dog features of the forms.

Once you lot get got created your activities they are saved inwards the ‘My Forms’ department of the site as well as you lot tin terminate acquire at that topographic point to edit them. Here you lot tin terminate acquire the code to disclose your educator forms into your bog website or CMS, or acquire a link to e-mail out to students.

You tin terminate also cheque to run across who has submitted answers to the questions as well as run across the tape of what answers get got been given inwards the ‘Reports’ section. This is ane of the best features of the site equally it turns it into a shape of LMS (learning management system) where you lot tin terminate collect as well as analyse students responses as well as generate graphs of the results.

The site also let users to add together as well as customise the subject of the forms, therefore if you lot desire them to blend into your site or blog, therefore customising the hold off as well as experience of the forms is quite slowly as well as you lot tin terminate fifty-fifty add together your ain logo.

This video shows you lot how to customise your form.

So how tin terminate nosotros exercise this amongst EFL / ESL students?

  • We tin terminate do activity enquiry forms as well as acquire detailed as well as anonymous feedback on our teaching
  • We tin terminate do multimedia materials for learning or assessment as well as rails our students responses. This is peculiarly useful if nosotros a creating homework assignments as well as nosotros demand to assess these as well as know that our students get got done them.
  • We tin terminate do learning objects to embed into online courses that rails as well as assess students’ performance.
  • We tin terminate brand fun engaging quizzes based around images.

As ELT professionals

  • We tin terminate exercise the forms to do surveys for research.
  • We tin terminate start selling materials, self published books, or private online classes as well as collect payment inwards a security as well as secure way.

What I similar nearly 123ContactForm

  • It’s a real versatile platform as well as actually does enable a lot to a greater extent than than the cry suggests. In fact it’s a pretty audio means to do online learning materials amongst a built inwards LMS.
  • It’s a keen tool for freelancers who desire to start making coin online past times selling their ain products as well as services inwards a user friendly way.
  • It runs inwards the browser as well as is pretty unproblematic to use.
  • It’s slowly to make something that looks real professional.
  • I’ve said it already, but the tracking capabilities are great.
  • The companionship runs on a freemium model, therefore although it is a gratis service, at that topographic point is also a concern model at that topographic point to back upward the site therefore it’s less probable to all of a precipitous disappear or fold.

What I’m non therefore certain about

  • As I said the companionship runs on a freemium model, therefore many of the best features are the ones they accuse for.
  • On the gratis subscription you lot tin terminate do v forms as well as collect upward to 100 students’ responses each calendar month which is in all probability plenty for the private instructor to exercise it amongst a class, but it would last overnice to get got a few to a greater extent than of the premium features available to the Free subscriber, such equally the html embed to enable the exercise of video as well as multimedia inwards the activities.
  • You get got to last on the Platinum concern human relationship to last able to enable payments as well as that costs $29.95 per month, which for a companionship or schoolhouse is non much, but for a instructor / freelancer who wants to examination the waters amongst selling their ain products or services, it mightiness seem similar quite a big jeopardy when they are simply getting started, but you lot tin terminate cancel your subscription if things don’t acquire good as well as 123ContactForm does offering a 30day coin dorsum guarantee. It’s also worth mentioning that if you lot are a instructor or instructor trainer as well as you lot arrive contact amongst the company, they are offering a 35% educational discount, therefore that tin terminate assist to cut back the jeopardy as well as the cost.

On the whole I intend this is a actually skillful product, peculiarly for a pocket-sized schoolhouse that wants to venture into online teaching or blended learning, therefore a platinum concern human relationship at $29.95 per calendar month is quite a pocket-sized risk. For a instructor thinking of going freelance it mightiness last a skillful alternative if you lot are confident that you lot tin terminate brand plenty through online sales to justify the monthly outlay. As a instructor working inwards class, therefore it’s a overnice means to acquire started amongst creating some online learning amongst a score of interactivity, but it would last much to a greater extent than attractive if the html embed functionality came equally constituent of the gratis subscription.

123ContactForm has plenty of potential for the online educator or anyone wanting to do blended learning, therefore it’s good worth checking out, as well as when I acquire my mass finished I may good last using it myself. I promise you lot discovery it useful too.

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