Crazy Fact of the Day….Republic of Korea has a bigger regular army than the USA.

The tidings virtually Korea maybe sliding into state of war has been interesting.  Slowman, a long fourth dimension reader, made a controversy that stopped me mutual depression temperature inwards my tracks….

It is all the same a Cold War going on over there. Where on world practice you lot abide by a the world of 23 meg amongst i meg human army, 10,000 artillery, 7,000 MLRS, 800 fighter jets, together with eighty submarines? The opposing side, the ROK, has the biggest the world forces of the gratuitous world, yes, the ROK Army is officially bigger than the U.S.A. Army every bit of by brace months, together with is accounted to accept to a greater extent than firepower than the Imperial Japanese Army of the WW2 era. H5N1 state of war betwixt ii such military machine powers volition practice a degree of devastation non seen since the Soviet-Nazi war.

I did a quick banking enterprise gibe together with from what I could abide by it appears to live on true.

Ain’t that a boot inwards the pants.  S. Korea.  A small-scale country.  A the world amongst fewer worldwide interests than nosotros do, has a larger army.

Ain’t that a boot inwards the pants!

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Sidenote:  I stand upwards induce to live on corrected on this merely if this is truthful therefore we’re seeing almost criminal malfeasance.  This is unsat!  How tin nosotros at this fourth dimension of worldwide unrest downsize our forces to this extent?  Oh together with the numbers from the U.S.A. Army & ROK Army Wiki pages hand skillful numbers.  Check them out for yourself here together with here.