Call for info! Dimensions on the Oshkosh JLTV.

The JLTV is a side projection for the US of America Army simply because of the USMC concepts of operations, it’s quite consequential.

A bigger utility vehicle way added weight together with infinite considerations aboard ship.  Space on an amphib is finite.  It tin plough over the sack alone behave thence much weight.  So a JLTV that is bigger than a HUMVEE together with weighs to a greater extent than every bit good is non to travel taken lightly.

Having said all that, me together with Bryan haven’t been able to abide by definitive specs on an outfitted JLTV.  Dimensions aren’t readily available online together with neither is its weight amongst a nominal loadout for fighting missions.

If your Google-foo is potent together with y’all tin plough over the sack abide by it thence delight post it my way!  I possess got a guy that has several decades sense that volition create a fictional loadout on a San Antonio Class to run across how this volition impact our Marine Expeditionary Units.

Oh together with sidenote.  If y’all recollect I’m smoking crevice when I’m pushing the weight together with size angle thence banking concern check out the moving painting below.

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The days of carrying 12 utility vehicles ashore inward ane elevator amongst an LCAC are over amongst this vehicle.