Blast from the past…the Amphibious Trailer.

Everyone amongst fifty-fifty a passing involvement inwards WW2, High German armor as well as amphibious operations knows well-nigh the  Landwasserschlepper (above), the Nazi logistics/amphibian.

What they mightiness non know well-nigh is the instant business office of the vehicle system…the amphibious trailer…Below are a few pics of the consummate system….

Its genuinely pretty impressive.  While the Landwasserschlepper could behave approx xx troops the trailer would add together an additional 10-20 tons of cargo to each trip.

What is the lesson for today?  The AAV, follow on ACV volition lose their cargo carrying powerfulness due to boom seats existence installed.  Could a few Amphibious Trailers brand upwards for this shortfall?

I only don’t know.

What I create know is that the Ground Combat Element is depending to a greater extent than as well as to a greater extent than on aviation for transportation, fires…and logistics.

What happens if a cunning, clever as well as savage enemy create upwards one’s hear to challenge, degrade and/or eliminate the aviation business office of our scrap squad because they realize how reliant nosotros are on it?  How create nosotros provide our Marines then?  

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