Best of Food | Hibiscus Sunset Cooler

By Jeannette Ordas of Everybody likes Sandwiches

With all the warm conditions we’ve been having, I idea a picayune cool drinkable postal service powerfulness last inward venture for our Best of Food serial this summer.  Jeannette made this delicious iced tea concluding twelvemonth on the spider web log for us, together with it’s sounding rather refreshing correct almost now.  Check it out below.
For years, I’ve been wanting to brand hibiscus iced tea, but I’ve had a difficult fourth dimension finding the dried hibiscus blossoms needed for such a task. If anyone has whatever leads inward Vancouver, exit a comment! So  instead, I settled on purchasing an herbal tea blend that I flora at my local grocer.

My start go-around amongst this herbal tea was pretty disappointing. My iced tea was weak together with tasteless. At start I blamed the tea, but I presently realized it was the me, the maker at fault. Ooops! The adjacent time, I added inward agency to a greater extent than tea bags than I would if I was making iced tea from dark tea bags. Problem solved. 

The resulting iced tea was deep cherry together with gorgeous. It too tasted skillful together with because I was using a “hibiscus wild berry blend”, I didn’t experience the demand to add together sugar. It made for a quaffable sipper. 

But instead of leaving good plenty alone, I went a pace farther together with added pineapple juice to the mix. Whoa! It tasted precisely similar fruit punch – well, a delicious, refreshing not-very-sweet fruit punch. I loved it. 

So I was surprised to come across that inward my recent library mass (the Cafe Flora cookbook), a recipe for a drinkable called Hibiscus Sunset. It was practically the same part listing equally my drink, except the advert was sexier together with it involved a clever picayune play tricks inward pouring the drink. Pour the juice into the glass, together with hence piece of cake pour the iced tea over a large soup spoon. This creates a layer, an ombre effect, that is quite gorgeous. It looks only similar the stunning cherry sunsets we’ve been having hither inward Vancouver!
So drinkable the iced tea without the juice if yous desire something uncomplicated or become for the gusto together with run the juice over a spoon to brand something impressive to serve your guests. 
Hibiscus Sunset Cooler
If yous similar a sweetness tea, yous tin add together inward carbohydrate when the tea is hot together with stir to blend. I
six bags of hibiscus blended tea (I used a hibiscus berry blend, but Red Zinger is too perfect here)
four cups boiling water
H2O ice cubes
pineapple or orangish juice or lemonade
Remove tea purse tags together with strings (who wants to drinkable steeped paper?) together with add together into a drinking glass or ceramic pitcher. Pour boiling H2O over elevation together with allow cool on counter. Move to the refrigerator to larn cold. 
Fill a juice drinking glass amongst H2O ice together with pour inward pineapple or orangish juice to the halfway point*. Rest a tablespoon or soup presently on the within rim of the drinking glass together with piece of cake pour the iced tea over the spoon to create total the glass. This creates a layer hence the yellowish or orangish juice is at the bottom piece the cherry tea sits on top. It’s pretty together with it’s delicious. Win!

* Note: filling the drinking glass halfway amongst juice makes the best “sunsets” but I prefer the sense of savour of less juice. Let your tastebuds or your eyeballs last the judge!

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