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Back alongside our Best of DIY serial today in addition to i of my favorites –a projection from Janis Nicolay of Pinecone Camp – a fairly uncomplicated photograph transfer DIY she made using an erstwhile bench.  Here’s how she did it.

Contributor ship service yesteryear Janis Nicolay of Pinecone Camp

Today I’m sharing a fun, in addition to fairly simple, photograph transfer projection alongside you. I’ve done a diversity of dissimilar ways of transferring images onto wood, cloth in addition to drinking glass in addition to fifty-fifty polaroid transfers, in addition to invention to ship service to a greater extent than inwards the future. For this projection I had an erstwhile bench that needed funktifying….
I started alongside a roughed upwards vintage bench. After stripping it in addition to sanding it down, I position i coat of primer on it. Once it dried, I painted 2 coats of a pale grayness (Universal Grey yesteryear Behr).

I chose an image, hence cropped in addition to sized it to hold upwards alongside the bench. I hence printed it inwards contrary (as a mirror image), hence that i time applied it would read correctly.

Working quickly, I applied a layer of Liquitex Medium Gloss Gel on to the bench, hence applied a coat to the front end the picture in addition to placed it confront downwardly on the bench. I smoothed out the bubbles, hence applied a coat of gel to the dorsum of the image. The bench dried over night.

Once the bench dried, I used a textured cloth, soaked inwards warm water, to gently rub off the “back” of the picture (the paper). Starting at the corners, I sat the moisture cloth on the newspaper in addition to permit it soak through a little, earlier rubbing it off. This procedure took virtually an hour. Once dry, I took a fine slice of sand newspaper to it, having taken all the newspaper off, to fossil oil it upwards a fleck equally well.

Finished off the bench alongside 2 coats of the gel. Now it hangs out inwards our front end all.
The beauty of photograph transfer projects, are all the trivial “cracks”, “scratches” in addition to “imperfections”. That’s what I beloved virtually it (and why I took sand newspaper to it!). So what I’m maxim is, don’t larn mad if you lot can’t larn every air bubble out, or you lot rub a slice of the picture off. Give it a whirl! 

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