Bayou Renaissance Man nails it on the schism betwixt Cops as well as the Community.

This is a MUST read!

Just a minor tidbit from the Bayou Renaissance Man

There’s the consequence of police pull themselves. We hold off them to move paragons of virtue; only together with then nosotros post them into situations where their daily interactions are unremarkably alongside the dregs of society, where they’re exposed to violence, threats, lies, filth together with the worst that people get got to offer. Is it whatever wonder that they choke hardened together with cynical, viewing most people (including the ‘good guys’) every bit potential law-breakers, regarding everyone every bit a potential threat until proven otherwise?
There’s likewise the work of police pull becoming primarily fund-raising machines for themselves together with their localities. I’ve experienced this myself inwards Nashville, TN, where I live. Last twelvemonth I was stopped together with issued a ticket for speeding, without the Metro PD officeholder providing whatever proof at all that I had, indeed, been speeding. When I protested, he informed me that he wasn’t required to create so. He agreed that I could get got the thing to courtroom if I wished, only pointed out (rather smugly, I thought) that fifty-fifty if I won, I’d nonetheless move required to pay to a greater extent than inwards courtroom costs than the fine he was issuing me. I was basically inwards a no-win situation. I idea real seriously almost fighting the ticket inwards court, every bit a thing of principle; only that would get got meant going into town, waiting a total twenty-four hr menstruum (possibly longer) for the example to come upwards up, having to come upwards dorsum in i lawsuit again if the officeholder couldn’t move there, together with all sorts of bureaucratic hassles (as good every bit having to pay the aforementioned courtroom costs whether I won or lost). It wasn’t worth the trouble.

It gets cipher only amend from here.  I actually believe that he’s touched on the consequence that is driving much of the problem betwixt police pull together with the communities they serve.

I entirely promise that the powers that move larn it together soon.  The cop that was assasinated inwards Houston is the canary inwards the coal mine.

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