An Autumn DIY | H5N1 Gourd Bracelet

I was late wandering some our local farmer’s market/pumpkin spell in addition to saw a big bin filled amongst dried gourds. My caput was spinning amongst all the DIY possibilities! I’ve been actually into piling my arms amount of bracelets lately in addition to I idea a natural gourd bracelet would locomote a neat addition. Plus it was a fun novel challenge since I had never delved into the basis of gourd crafting.

What you’ll need:
-Dried gourd
-Dust mask
-Miterbox saw
-Belt sander
-Course sand paper
-Mod Podge in addition to paintbrush
-Shoe polish

How to build it:
-If y’all can’t notice a pre-cleaned gourd, y’all volition accept to soak your gourd inwards H2O for 15-20 minutes in addition to scrub off the dirt in addition to nighttime mold amongst lather in addition to a wire pot scrubber. And permit it dry out completely earlier showtime your project.
-Use a pencil in addition to cups (that isn’t every bit good much wider than your wrist) or other bracelets to line ii lines some the exterior of the gourd.

-Cut off the terminate in addition to withdraw the dried seeds in addition to membrane. Make certain that y’all are wearing a mask during all of the cutting in addition to sanding processes, gourd dust tin displace irritate the respiratory system.

-Cut next the 2nd business that y’all accept drawn on in addition to y’all volition accept a oil bracelet shaped gourd. You tin displace expire along to cutting a few to a greater extent than bracelets out past times tracing to a greater extent than cups or simply eyeing it.

-Using a belt sander, build the sides of your bracelet fifty-fifty in addition to smooth.


-Using course of written report sandpaper, withdraw whatever left over membrane from the within of the bracelet in addition to circular the edges of the within of the bracelet.

-Use Modpodge to coat the within of the bracelet. You volition belike demand a few coats.

-Sketch out some designs on your bracelets in addition to purpose the forest burner to line over them.

-Use shoe shine to encompass over the exterior of your bracelet. Follow the directions according to the build y’all buy.

Hope you’re enjoying all of the loveliness that tumble has to offer!

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