Adventure Narratives for EFL ESL Students

For a long fourth dimension instantly I’ve genuinely admired in addition to been fascinated past times the endure of Amanita Design. They accept a genuinely unique approach in addition to I beloved the means they blend photographic textures alongside cartoon images.

I also discovery their games quite addictive in addition to that’s I lineament I e’er hold off for when trying to discovery stimulating materials for students, therefore I’ve been looking at how these games could used for linguistic communication development.

The 2 games I’ve chosen for this posting are Samorost 1 in addition to Samorost 2

Samorost 1 is based on the scenario of an asteroid heading towards a planet. The histrion has to click diverse elements of the hide in addition to discovery out how to assistance Samorost alter the direction of the asteroid in addition to salve his planet.

In Samorost 2, Somorost’s domestic dog is stolen past times aliens in addition to the histrion has to assistance Samorost rescue the dog.

So why role these games alongside EFL ESL students

  • These games are fascinating in addition to really engaging.
  • They are quite mentally challenging in addition to assistance students to railroad train analytical in addition to critical thinking skills.
  • They are beautifully designed in addition to should get your students imagination
  • They are based around rigid narratives
  • They genuinely are a lot of fun to play in addition to discover
  • Online games are a pregnant business office of our younger students’ culture

So how tin nosotros role these games alongside our EFL ESL students?
Here are a few suggestions to become your students developing their speaking, reading in addition to writing skills.

  • Tell the story – Split your degree into Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 in addition to B students. Get all the As to play 1 game in addition to all the Bs to play another. every bit they endure through the games they should continue notes of what happens in addition to what they campaign to do to discovery their means through the game. Once they accept finished the game dyad 1 Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 pupil upwardly alongside 1 B pupil in addition to inquire them to retell the story every bit if they were Samorost. Once the students accept told their stories they tin alter over games in addition to encounter if they tin endure their means through the game past times remembering the narrative that their partner told them.
  • Write the instructions – Split your students inwards to As in addition to Bs every bit inwards a higher house in addition to become your pupil to endure their means through the games in addition to write instructions for how to consummate each level. They should in addition to therefore ambit their instructions to their partner in addition to encounter if their partner tin role the instructions to discovery their means through the game.
  • Write a review of the game – You could inquire your students to write a review of 1 of the games. You could collect these together alongside reviews of other games in addition to pose out them every bit a modest booklet.
  • Following instructions – As a reading practice yous could impress upwardly the ‘walk through’ instructions on how to consummate the games in addition to encounter if students tin read them in addition to endure through all the levels.
  • You tin discovery a walkthrough for Samorost 1 here
  • You tin discovery a walkthrough for Samorost 2 here

    You could role the walkthrough instructions from the showtime game every bit a model in addition to become the students to write a walkthrough for the minute game.

    You tin discovery lots to a greater extent than links to games in addition to their walkthrough instructions hither at Games Online

  • Write the story – You could become your students to play 1 of the games in addition to and therefore write the story. They could write it every bit a intelligence written report in addition to fifty-fifty role a video photographic idiot box camera or spider web cam to do a intelligence broadcast.

What I’m non therefore certain about

  • Students tin become a fleck excited in addition to carried away in addition to and therefore they forget to role English
  • The games are genuinely quite challenging in addition to students may good become stuck in addition to frustrated. If this happens yous tin either allow them halt in addition to become them to terminate the story at that house inwards the game, or yous tin ambit them the walkthrough sheets to help.

Well I promise yous savour these games every bit much every bit I do. If zilch else, they are a visual treat.

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