About that Chinese Propaganda Vid….

Everyone in addition to their mothers sent me the higher upwards vid.  Quite honestly I didn’t fifty-fifty bother watching it till I saw it on Bayou Renaissance Man’s Blog.

I’m glad I did in addition to I’m sad I didn’t sentinel it sooner.

What did I see?

1.  The affair that jumped out at me most at nowadays was the timeframe inwards which the video was set.  It read “20XX”.  That’s pretty damn ominous in addition to indicates a 10 twelvemonth fourth dimension frame for them to expire the chore done.  It also gives an indication that either..
(a)  They believe that the West/US volition hold out thus involved inwards but about other portion that they volition non hold out able to react inwards the Pacific..or…
(b)  They believe that the West/US volition hold out thus weak that nosotros wouldn’t dare oppose them…or…
(c)  They’ve taken the stair out of our civilian in addition to armed forces leadership in addition to intend that nosotros won’t stimulate got the tum to react.

2.  Did yous honor the hardware involved inwards this mythical conflict.  Nothing fanciful.  Nothing exotic.  Nothing nosotros haven’t seen on parade.  The supposition is that they volition hold out able to grapple us in addition to win amongst the basic gear that they already stimulate got on hand.

3.  We’re in conclusion getting a clue on how they stance the J-20, J-11 in addition to J-10.  If we’re to believe this video in addition to thus the J-20 is their novel heavyweight fighter…the Chinese F-35 killer.  The J-11 in addition to J-10 are multi-role.  Everyone assumes that the J-20 is an AWACs hunter.  Nope.  Its a reply to our stealth fighters.

4.  Did yous honor the clinched fist?  We tin hold back the Chinese to human activeness equally if they’re the victim in addition to is responding to US/Japanese aggression.  They present a crashed carry equally existence the catalyst for the fighting.  We tin in all probability hold back this inwards existent life too.

5.  The Carrier killer business office was interesting too.  I didn’t count the set out of launchers but the vid made me inquire a serious what if.  What if this carrier killer carries multiple conventional warheads?  What if they’re highly maneuverable.  What if they comport a set out of decoys?  Hitting a carrier doing most twoscore knots is hard, but if they stimulate got MIRVs, if they stimulate got decoys in addition to if they stimulate got long hit drones feeding targeting data in addition to thus this is a doable feat.

Long even out short?

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