Aane Wala Hai Koi Jaan-e-Bahaar (Wasif Ali Wasif RA)

آنے والا ہے کوئی جانِ بہار

1. From Book: Farmaeesh
Below extract is taken from Preface of Book: Shab-e-Charagh (A poesy mass of Wasif Ali Wasif Sahib, kickoff edition) written past times Syed Abdullah Sahib. In sec edition it is excluded simply published inwards mass Farmaeesh. Shab-e-Charagh is the hollo of rock which shines at nighttime (A Self-Luminous Gem) 

2. Important Extracts From Book Guftugu 22 past times Wasif Ali Wasif (RA)

Download Book: Guftugu 22

After few pages…

3. Spiritual Background & Stature of Wasif Ali Wasif (RA) from Book Farmaeesh

In page 274, Wasif Ali Wasif Sahib mentioned the arrival of novel spiritual era.

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