A Tick List of 21st Century Digital Skills for Teachers

I’ve simply been brainstorming digital skills that I believe are required past times teachers inwards the 21st Century. So far I’ve come upwardly up amongst 45 of them.

What’s smasher for me virtually this is:

  • few of these skills volition convey been taught to anyone who trained every bit a instructor longer than five years ago.
  • few of these skills are beingness taught to teachers preparation now.
  • the 21st century instructor needs to survive a pretty amazingly skilled professional.

Please await through the listing as well as tick on the ones you lot believe you lot have.

Teachers Digital Skills Tick List

Teachers’ digital skills tick list

I’d too survive rattling interested inwards whatever comments virtually whatever you lot mean value I’ve missed or that you lot mean value don’t belong there.

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Nik Peachey